Cel den doma sama sedam

😉 – While the Earth Sleeps

My hands have been flying over hooks and needles this weekend. I finished up all 4 parts of the tree square that I’m substitute teaching for Pixie in September – or so I thought.

See that little blue tree on the right? Notice anything? yeah – only 2 branch breaks, it needs three. That’s what happens when you’re glued to the tele eagerly awating one amazingly fit dude to break another world record and make Olympic history. So, um, yeah – its Michael Phelps‘ fault that my third tree is wonky, yeah.

I also dove, ha – get it, into my shawl project for Gail. I want to get it finished an written up in time for her to have it at the Fiber Twist. I really like how its working up 🙂

Friday night was knit night with the ladies and I worked on finishing up another little drawstring bag from my crochet 1 course, I only have 10 rounds left and then I’ll post pics. I also dove into another Twilight themed project for a crazy book idea that is exploding on Ravelry right now – more details later.

Today I need  to focus on finishing up the other block that I’m sub-teaching for Pixie this week, its all cables – not my favorite (go ahead and boo, everybody has their something). Later this week – Saebra’s new earrings!



3 thoughts on “Cel den doma sama sedam

  1. Hey those are great! Are they knitted or crocheted?
    Maybe the blue one is just a baby tree;) See you can always find explanations for a creative boo-boo. But I know what you mean about Michael Phelps -he is rather distracting, in a good sort of way. And Aaron Piersol, too….

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