I am the Lotus

😉 – Just last week I was merely heck

In my quiet moments this week I have sat down for the final push on my biggest project. My afghan for the afghan class I’m teaching.

There you see me with 2 lotus squares left, catching up on the last season of Heroes ( oh Hulu, how I love thee) Tomorrow and Sunday will find me making lasagna, buying soccer sneaks and shin guards for the girls before soccer officially starts, and blocking the rest of the finished squares for the afghan. I hope to be able to piece it together in the early part of next week. All other projects are on hold till this one is done.

and I mean it – stupid, easily distracted, yarn-whore hands.

I’m going to go finish nursing the headache I’ve had all day so I’ll be good and lively tomorrow.


*Oh – the black bear thing. Yeah. Haven’t seen – literally – hide nor hair of the beasties since the Spring of 06 when one was living along the ridge up above our little street. On the first morning of school a black bear – and I suspect it is the same one – trundled its way down our neighbor’s driveway (scaring the shit out of her, she moved in after the spring of 06) and right across the end of our yard, right near where the girls stand to wait for the bus. So I guess its OK for your neighbors to knock on your door at 7:15, as long as they’re warning you about bears. The best part though – giggle – her husband is from Quebec and speaks very little English. He just stood by their car pointing and mumbling what I though was “le bruin” I’m pretty sure bruin is Dutch but the whole thing was just comical. Hey, what is French for bear?*


sweet and low, little girl

😉 – when that day comes

School time again – they left this morning at 8 (right after the neighbor knocked on our door to tell us that the black bear was back! – more on that later)

Two new school bags were made this past week in fabrics the girls chose themselves. I put up a tutorial if you want to make one – SO simple.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


I had a job in the great north woods

😉 – Sure was gonna be rough

I’m still trucking along on the knitting and crochet front but I’m shifting gears a bit. Its that time of year again, school begins for my girls in one week, so… its time to make school bags again.

I have all the materials ready, ironed, cut, reinforced and ready to sew and I’m documenting the whole thing for my next post over on Craft Tutorials early next week. I won’t get to the actual sewing until later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I’ll be at Webs teaching this square.

Yeah, see that wonkyness in the corner,(of course you can I drew a big pink square around it!), that’s because I missed 2 cable stitches and had to frog back 20 rows of 12 stitches and I just don’t have time to block it out severely enough, resoak and reblock back down to 12 inches before the class. ugh.

I finished the blue tree for the other square and its blocking so I’ll put that all together this weekend hopefully, I’m chugging away on circles for my Gail project and contemplating yarns for my latest Twilight knit, you can check it all out on the Rav or wait for me to post more details later in September. Enjoy the beautiful weather today – if you’re in New England!


Comfort and consultation

😉 -she removes him like a ring

So as with all the women in my family – and by that I mean me and my oldest daughter – Saebra survived her rite of passage from babyhood into childhood; she got her ears pierced on her sixth birthday.

As I did with her big sister, Aurelia, I took her to my local tattoo joint to inflict the damage.

WHAT!?!?!? You took a JUST 6 year-old to a tattoo place?!?! Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Whadya do that for?

Well, 2 reasons.

One, piercing is one of their specialties. What would you rather have, someone who is trained and specializes in the placement of holes in human flesh – so that those holes heal well and are placed attractively, OR some teenager who gets paid minimun wage and will line up a gun on your child’s ear and “shoot” them with what may or may not be properly aligned adornment?

Two, studs are hard to sleep on when you’ve had your ears pierced for the last 27 years, imagine how much harder it is when the holes in your ears are new and hurt and now the thing that’s hurting in also stabbing you in the head just behind your ear. The “tattoo people” give you great little hoops – no stabby.

So she’s pierced, with blurple hoops (blurple: iridescent blue and purple) with little steel balls and she loves them. Her piercer, Becky, was a doll and thought Saeb was a model patient – the kid smiled through the whole thing, never jerked, cried out or even teared up – she was rewarded with a juice box ( by the girls at the shop, they loved her). Awesome!

Have an opinion? How would you do it? I like a good discussion.

Me, I think she’s friggin adorable.

Alright, I’m off to try and finish this

I have to teach this square on Thurday night, and I need a finshed product to show them.


Cel den doma sama sedam

😉 – While the Earth Sleeps

My hands have been flying over hooks and needles this weekend. I finished up all 4 parts of the tree square that I’m substitute teaching for Pixie in September – or so I thought.

See that little blue tree on the right? Notice anything? yeah – only 2 branch breaks, it needs three. That’s what happens when you’re glued to the tele eagerly awating one amazingly fit dude to break another world record and make Olympic history. So, um, yeah – its Michael Phelps‘ fault that my third tree is wonky, yeah.

I also dove, ha – get it, into my shawl project for Gail. I want to get it finished an written up in time for her to have it at the Fiber Twist. I really like how its working up 🙂

Friday night was knit night with the ladies and I worked on finishing up another little drawstring bag from my crochet 1 course, I only have 10 rounds left and then I’ll post pics. I also dove into another Twilight themed project for a crazy book idea that is exploding on Ravelry right now – more details later.

Today I need  to focus on finishing up the other block that I’m sub-teaching for Pixie this week, its all cables – not my favorite (go ahead and boo, everybody has their something). Later this week – Saebra’s new earrings!


Lovely Day

😉 – Then I look at you and the world’s alright with me

What a weekend. We had the perfect day on Saturday, the only perfect day for weeks in either direction.

We had a pile of friends and family here for The Grumble’s 6th birthday party. She had a tower of tinkerbell cupcakes and a mountain of prezzies and this is the first year that she seems to be engaged with the gifts she received. We’ve read through the book she got twice, she’s been actively playing with the Tinkerbell doll she got from her sister and the pile of barbie clothes she got from Grandma and Grandpa have been on and off the dolls a pile of times already. She snuggles up at night with her Tink blanket, wears her Tink slippers every minute that she’s in the house. She is seriously attached to her new faerie wings, is making all sorts of things with her new beads, wears her new necklaces around the house (necklaces with mini versions made to match for her American Girl doll) and she’s doing all of this and including her sister in her play.

In years past its been a bit of a struggle for us in the week after a birthday party. both the girls had a tendency to hoard their gifts and tesae each other with them. There was more teasing than play but I haven’t witnessed any of that so far. Yay!

I’m pretty sure everybody had a good time at Saeb’s party. To keep everybody happy after (or during if we had needed to) opening the presents I had a pile of foam sticker craft, magnet frames for the kids to play with and make. I think my SiL had the best time with them! 🙂 and look at the awesome zinnias that she brought me from her garden.

After the kiddos departed – with grandparents for the night 🙂 we had a bunch of friends over to share vittles and beverages and hang out at the bonfire for the night. We had a blast! I forgot to take any pictures. We had a mead tasting – we need to make more! – there was a box of pink wine…, margaritas, good beer and lots of great laughter. There were even glow sticks, I really wish I gotten a picture of Annie’s glowstick shawl pin 🙂

Aurelia had a good time during her stay with Pat’s Mom and Dad. She got to do some sewing with Grandma and made us a bag bag – you know, to store all the little shopping bags in. Nice job girlie!

I love those days, even thought its Tuesday and I feel like I’m just recovering (well, consider the hangover, add on that I picked up a minor cold and its that fabulous week of the month that every woman looks forward to). I even love the 5 hours of cooking prep that went into it. Good times with friends are great, throw in a few drinks, even better, toss on top of that some seriously good vittles and you have a fantastic time on your hands. Worth every minute.

So thanks to everybody that made it out this way and made the day what it was 🙂 I love you guys.

As an extra, I offer up my family recipe for hot mustard. I love this stuff and it is super simple.

Nanny’s Hot Mustard

4 tbs dry mustard          1 tsp black pepper

4 tbs sugar                    1 cup AP flour

1 tsp salt                       1/2 to 1 cup white vinegar

Mix dry ingredients well and add 1/2 c vinegar, if needed add more vinegar to reach desired consistency. You can change up the flavor by using different vinegars, adding herbs or other spices and even mustard seeds, honey or maple syrup. Just be careful, its gets hotter the older it is! good for about 2-3 weeks refrigerated, mine never sticks around that long 🙂 Enjoy!


In the Gloaming

The Twilight socks are done! Patern ready to go.

Of course I have no finihsed pic of the socks, nor will I since I have cankles and the expansiveness of them isn’t the best way to showcase this pattern. I’ll wait till some other lovely person has worked up a pair and I’ll post their pics!

So Here you go, grab the Pdf and knit your heart out! Yeay!!


I’m gong to go finish the last 100 pages of Breaking Dawn *sigh*


Purple clover, queen anne’s lace

😉 – its never been this close before

The girls ran back into the house gabbling excitedly after their morning excursion to the garden.

“Mama! Mama! Look at all the green beans!” – there were 8.

Since we had such luck with slicing up snap peas and adding them to quesadillas the girls suggested we try the same with the green beans.

They had also picked a handful of purple clover and as i was making lunch Re pointed out to her sister that purple clover is edible – imagine the look on her face as the light bulb turned on – , “Mama! Can we have clover quesadillas?”

Sure darlin’. Yum


New Moon on Monday

😉 – A smile that you can’t disguise

What a week. It has been “get it done!” central around here for the last 10 days or so, and I see no end in sight. Patrick has a post about our list of to do’s and we’re steadily chipping away, of course we keep adding to the damn thing as we go. – (check out my little orange visitor, he’s been hanging around outside my backdoor for almost a week, in a different place each day)

I’ve gotten piles done this week and I’ve had time to spend with friends – how did that happen? Hmm, maybe this list thing works.

I finished the twilight sock – I’ll be writing up the final pattern this week, I made a couple small projects – a washcloth and a crochet swiffer cover (no I’m not joking, Mom), I scrubbed the dining area – walls, floor, breakfast bar, I made curtains for 3 window and our closet which is now sans door for easier access and of course there are always projects for my classes. Phew, that’s a lot! I also managed to whip up a quick pair of earrings and post a tutorial for them.

Have I mentioned that? the tutorial thing? Hmm, well. A couple weeks back I got an e-mail asking me to be a contributor to Craft Tutorials and so far I’ve posted 2! I’m contemplating the next offering and I have several ideas swimming about in my head – I just have to settle on one. I’ll let you know each time I post for the next couple months but I expect you lot to bookmark or bloglines the site!! There is a bunch of great stuff over there and they could use the extra traffic! 🙂 So go already – enjoy!

Now I’m off to shop for a few things for Seab’s birthday. I’m making her a Mimzy bunny and a new backpack for her birthday and maybe a pigeon. Her party is next Saturday but i have almost 2 weeks till her birthday so I’ve a bit of time. I may also make Re a new bag, I try to do something for each of the girls on their sister’s birthdays.

Hope you had a great weekend!