Got a sweetie down in the chicken house

😉 – Gosh what a racket like an old buzz saw

No pics today.

Game night was a blast – most of us just “watched” Scene-It and shouted answers at each other in between bits of conversation. good times. It was a late night and a long drive home from Worcester and there were massive thunderstorms til about 4 am, so… we’re just finishing up lunch. Mm mm, leftover meatball sandwiches. yum 🙂

Pat and the girls are doing some yard work in prep for the upcoming party day (birthday/bbq in August) and I’m working on finishing up a clothes sort-out. You know, “hmmm. Have I worn this in the last 6 months? Can I see myself wearing it in the next 6?” When the answer is NO, it goes to the Goodwill. Its been a couple years since I did this with my own clothes and it was time. I don’t have a revolving pile of “clothes that are clean but aren’t put away” anymore. My bedroom looks HUGE! I might even rearrange it this week. I haven’t moved my room around in over 6 years – I think that’s a record in my family!

Once I’m done with the clothes I’ll settle in to finish knitting up the final test of my Twilight sock pattern, write up the pattern and try to pop it up on Ravelry this week.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.



4 thoughts on “Got a sweetie down in the chicken house

  1. One of these days I might learn to knit socks. If you will excuse the expression: They just scare the socks off of me.
    I am in awe of your abilities to knit and crochet. Wow.
    I can do a little of each, but not much.
    Happy rest of the summer.

  2. Funny you should be purging yourself of all things old. Perhaps there’s some sort of magnetic pull on the Western side of Mass.? I, too, have spent the better part of the weekend and today rearranging, throwing away, and tidying my life and home. Glad to read you all had fun at “game” night. STill think gay night would have been more fun;)

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