From a great height

😉 – You don’t remember

I got soap today and crazy ideas – neither of which is s new thing for me. I wish you could smell this!

Did you know that men rank Cinnamon as one of their top turn-on scents? Go get you some cinnamon soap ladies. Seriously, if you go to Simpler Thyme and mention this post ( you ‘ll have to past a link to it) they’ll send you free soap. These people are awesome. So many, wholesome, handmade, soaps. They sent us a bonus Smorgasbar in Wildflower. yum yum yum.

Crazy ideas – jewelry is clacking around in my brain – I’ll have a tutorial of sorts up soon here and…elsewhere. I also dyed yarn today for a Dr. Horrible related item. The colors are uber pale – not what I wanted, I blame the yarn cuz that sucker was LOADED with dye. S’alright, I’ll still be able to work out the pattern. More soon.


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