And these, are not the hammer.


For years Patrick and I have bantered back and forth about television. About the crap on most of the channels and that if people actually paid for what they watched television programming might actually be good. We have declared that we would willingly pay for the television shows and channels that we enjoy watching.

And now, my friends, the time has come to do just that. Patrick and I will now be paying to watch one of the best little bits of episodic “television” that I have ever seen. For those of you that loved Buffy (especially “Once More with Feeling”), Angel and Firefly – go watch, for free, the first 3 episodes of: *Alrighy folks its iTunes time. Go show your Whedon love.

and tell me you don’t want to pay for more. I dare you.



7 thoughts on “And these, are not the hammer.

  1. i loved this. LOVED. and if you like felicia day, and are at all geek inclined (you know you are!) she’s in a series called The Guild. (warcraft based, LOOSELY. but hilarious)

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