What I’ve felt

😉 -What I’ve known

Mmm, breakfast. Homemade almond and honey granola with banana. I had a hankerin for granola the other night so I made some. Super simple recipe that lends itself well to all sorts of additions and substitutions, next time I’m adding wheat germ and coconut. Pat and the girls seem to like it, looks like I’ll have to make a bigger batch next week.

I made a deal with the girls for the summer. We’d do all sorts of stuff if they’d give me one day a week for “work” – you know, playing with yarn. Most of the time this day will be Wednesday so I can get ready for class that night but I knew that today would be hot and Monday just wasn’t so we traded. With how busy we’ve been since the end of school I had forgotten just how much faster I work on projects when I have a movie in front of me. So, on monday I pulled up my Watch Instantly queue on Netflix and got back to work. I can not believe that for 16 years I have not watched Unforgiven. I sort of remember almost going to see it with my Mom but we never did. Why! This movie is …ah. Can’t explain. I’m already a huge fan of Clint EastwoodThe Outlaw Josey Wales is an all time fav of mine since childhood and I even forgive him for The Bridges of Madison County. Oh. When he ever takes that drink under the one lone tree outside of town – I cried. Besides, I adore Gene Hackman in everything. Miss Teschmacher! Go watch it again – good good film. This past week I have also watched Where Angels Fear to Tread – long romance with E.M. Forster for me (ask Pat about the Sunday afternoon I made him go to the Hofstra library with me and watch A Room With a View on an 8in tv/vcr – still one of my favorite us days), Little Children – excellent and hard to watch, and Broken English – gush! What is it about French Men?!? Melvil = Fergus?

I’m chugging along on several projects, the biggest being the crochet block blanket for the class I’m teaching this fall. I want the sample to be at Webs when the new schedule comes out so people can see what they’ll be making, more students sign up when they know what they’ll go home with.

I have 5 squares left to make, join them all and finagle a border. I’m gonna need more yarn. Good Thing I’ll be at Webs tonight. Right now I need to go pack up the afternoon snacks, towles and my beach chair so we can head out to the pond after lunch.



4 thoughts on “What I’ve felt

  1. Is that Ultra Alpaca or Ultra Alpaca Light? Love the colors, whatever it is!

    Thanks for the movie recommendations. I rented Room with a View recently and liked it even more than the first time I saw it years ago.

  2. Mmm, almond-y granola goodness. I loves me some of that.

    Loverly colors!

    And finally, Fergus. Pretty close to right-on. Maybe he could get a bit more of a mischievous look about the eyes? I’m sure any actor worth his salt could work on the Fergus look.


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