Don’t you monkey with the monkey!

😉 – Something knocked me out the trees

Yesterday was a long day, but good. The girls and I headed out for a birthday party just as my FIL was arriving to help Patrick unload a deck’s worth of lumber (he’ll be using that to build 2009s sugar shack) and to measure all our windows, replacements are going in before winter. Yay! Our current windows date from 1959, yep – single pane heat dispensers.

So all us ladies made a 2 hour trek over to New York state for my Memaire’s 78th and my cousin Jacob’s 1st combined birthday party. Memaire was a bit surprised to be included but it was a good day hanging out with family and eatin yummy yummy food! Seriously, my Aunt Linda made this raspberry pretzel thing! I know it sounds questionable but its SO! delicious.

Saeb and I left around 5, Re stayed with my Mom – it was her turn for an overnight. After another yummy meal, this time homemade pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with fresh coleslaw corn on the cob and watermelon with my in-laws, Patrick and I headed out for, his middle bro, Kevin’s birthday party. An 80’s party. Shit, that was fun.

Many people came in costumes, we did not, there was a mix tape contest, I have no idea who won since they couldn’t find a working tape player in the house but I had more fun mining our MP3 files and burning it all onto 4 CDs so we could “tape” them!, there was 80’s candy, we brought prop beer – Pabst and Black Label(I secretly dreamed of showing up with a case of Genny Cream Ale but it can’t be found outside a keg around here. When Pat asked for it at the liquor store the girl told him that all the “cream sodas” were over in the corner. HA!) Btw I don’t recommend working on your jaywalkers outside, in the semi-dark, while talking, and swooshing away mosquitoes and beetles, I have 3 rows to tink. There was also a cardboard dance floor for when we all felt like gettin down and break dancing.

So far as I know only Kevin made an attempt, thankfully with his bike helmet on. I don’t recommend this drunk at 1 am but no one listens to the sober girl, I was DD. We were all supposed to come up with an 80’s Dj name and “tag” the dance floor.”Its Betty. Miss Knotty if you’re nasty!”

We headed back to the in-laws to sleep around 2 and the party was still going. We had a great time, ran into some old friends and had some good laughs and good beer – 80’s props not withstanding.

Today we’re laying back. The kids are playing with the neighbors grandkids, I’m…here, and Pat’s napping. I should go think about dinner. How was your weekend?



5 thoughts on “Don’t you monkey with the monkey!

  1. Ooooo your ring sounds awesome you should post a pic! I am with you though, i wish people would be a bit less judgmental when they ask questions grrr.

  2. Ah, the breakdancing takes me back to when I had a crush on a guy in our neighborhood who could breakdance. I was 10 and he was probably 14…those were the good ole days.

    My weekend was very quiet, but I like them that way. All I did was go to Target to buy some new sheets. But I had enough downtime to -SHOCK THE WORLD — work on my TW cross stitch. I hadn’t done anything with it in about four months because of copious amounts of frogging that ticked me off (it’s so much easier to frog crochet!). This weekend was quite productive and it seems like the fourth time’s the charm on it because there was no frogging this time.

    And I worked on granny squares a little bit…

  3. way rad!

    Actually, people drank all of your ‘prop beer’ so it couldn’t have been that bad.

    Thanks SO much for coming. And thank the girls for the KILLER gifts! It was the cutest thing ever.

  4. We went to a houswarming party, found another couple to play cards with and I ate so much my stomach was rock hard and hurt a lot. Other than that, I seemed to be exceptionally sleepy. So I slept.

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