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We have lived in this house for 7 years and there is a window next to my back door that has never had a curatin. Odd, I know. I have reasons. I love my kitchen, It has these great teal/aqua tiles, cuz it was built in the 50’s. Problem. The kitchen and “dining room” are the same space divided by a breakfast bar and the dining area is painted this god-awful lemon yellow.  The back door and said window are on the dining area side of the room. I liked the little curtains that the former owner left on the kitchen windows and I could never find anything that matched them enough to use on that lone window. I have also been contemplating painting, finally. One of my roadblocks with painting was the girls – babies are messy, especially where food is concerned. They’re old enough now that I don’t have to worry about sticky, food covered hands all over the walls – well, not too often anyway. We also have a closet in the dining area that we only use for long-term storage stuff, we use a coat tree instead – its easier for the girls, all the bags, sweaters, raincoats, umbrellas, and miscellany that goes along with school age children. The coat tree makesit near to impossible to open that closet door anyway, its very crowded in that corner. So, we’ve decided to take the closet door off and replace it with a curtain.

that’s the pattern on the couch, my curtains in the living room and my painted TV/stereo cabinet

I wasn’t sure this was all going to work. I had hopes. I couldn’t imagine what kind of fabric I would use that would work with the kitchen and the living room and be a print and colors that I liked – oh me of little faith. One, literally 5 minute, trip to Joanne’s and I was a very happy girl.

This is my new kitchen fabric, closet curtain, window curtains and a spare kitchen tile thrown in (I took it with my for color comparisons). I’m already making new pot holders to match and I have yet to sew a stitch – its my project for next week. So now I’m thinking, that persimmony color in the window fabric would look great on the walls. Whaddaya think?



6 thoughts on “Manamana

  1. Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head! 😛
    I think that color would look nice if you have enough light in there that it wouldn’t darken the room, does that make sense. I do love that shade of green…kind of reminds me of a celery green or something like that.

  2. I love bright colours on walls 🙂 I would do it, and if it is a bit heavy (I don’t know how much wall space you have in the dining room), you could cover a canvas in the printed fabric to break up the solid wall colour, or maybe a series of smaller canvases in the different colours from the printed fabric + 1 of the print itself. I want to see photos when it’s done, please!

  3. The constable and I do ‘manamana’ around the house all the time. We’re odd that way. Did you ever see the Dr. Pepper commercial where they used manamana?

    Anyhow…I agree with the other commentors…bold colour is good for lots of light. If there’s not a whole lot of light, but enough, maybe go just a slight shade lighter in the same colour family? I’m perhaps the wrong person to be giving colour advice. I’m not one for bold colours on walls. My craft room is a very soft minty green and that was a very bold choice for me.

  4. Did you move? I don’t think I have ever seen your kitchen counter. I wounder if I have one? Do your girls clean other peoples houses too? The fabric is lovely.
    Peace and yarn,

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