Car after bus after car after truck

😉 – I’d have the music high, Going 95

Oh Monday. Its been relatively quiet around here today. It was beautiful and sunny but not too hot and the girls spent most of the day outside. We hit the grocery store for a bit, they were surprisingly well behaved, and we had two great meals together. Patrick is off to his folks place to help his Dad with some big deck project for the next day or two so, its just us girls.

We had an all mexican chicken day 🙂 Chicken and snap pea quesadillas for lunch and chicken and chard tacos for dinner. They’re loving the greens because they’re from our own garden. Speaking of:

mini grape bunch

cucumber blooms

first tomato bloom

and my gooseneck phlox ready to bloom

Oh, and Seabra lost her first tooth on Sunday! She’s very excited (she’s also enjoying some radish greens in that pic – eeew, green teeth.)

Later this week I’ll be making new curtains for the kitchen and dining area, I’ll post pics as I go. I might even freak my husband out and paint the room while he’s gone! Mwaahaahaahaa



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