Can I kick it?

😉 – Wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug


Yesterday I was working on this

When we packed everything up to head off to the fireworks…I left it out side

See the small white blob in the orange square? that’s my yarn, needles and pattern sitting in the rain.


Now I have to go carefully unravel what I have done, wind it all back up on the swift and hope it will dry out OK so I can try again.

Hey, cheer me up! – how was your 4th day of July?



3 thoughts on “Can I kick it?

  1. Total bummer. Our weekend was quite lovely…my sister was here with two of her three teenaged boys and they weren’t total hooligans…success 🙂

  2. My 4th was nice. Went to the fireworks and saw the movie Wanted – horrible film that one, but I guess you can’t totally win ’em all.

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