In and around the lake

😉 – and they stand there

That bass line kills me. I love Yes – their older stuff anyway, had a huge crush on Trevor Rabin. Oh, ask my husband about the ridiculous Yes concert t-shirt that I wore, like every third day, in 7th grade. Ha! Oh to be twelve again.

My first class for summer Crochet 1 was last night – lovely ladies, just lovely 🙂 Next week we’ll have chocolate and perhaps the juice of some fermented, vine growing fruit – not me. I never teach under the influence 🙂

Does anybody know where I can have a toggle switch installed in my brain – one that will help me to shut of the insane need to start things!?! I have SO many projects on my plate, and yes, I am diligently working along on all of them and thankfully not falling too far behind on house work or time spent with my kids, but Cheese and Crackers! I started two more today- one was a palm sized bit so its done but only as a prelude to a larger something featuring many, many versions of said palm sized bit , I frogged and restarted a third and I’ve sketched out two more ideas.This corset is calling to me but I have promised myself that i will not begin her until I have less than 4 other projects live on the needles/hook. Wish me luck, she doesn’t look like a patient gal.

I need a clone



3 thoughts on “In and around the lake

  1. Love the corset.. Are you thinking of recreating it and if so, will a possible pattern maybe be available at some point in time for those of us that would like to act out our Jamie/Claire fantasies? 😉

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