One minute I held the key

😉 – for some reason I can’t explain

Yesterday was very full. We hit the park for a couple of hours with friends. It was warm but not hot and the little hill behind the playgound was covered in white clover. Every once in a while a little breeze would kick up and I’d get a facefull of this beautiful subtle fragrance – luv me some clover.

We went to a local farm and picked up some great produce – another friend has a farm share but she’s on vaca and asked me to pick it up in her absence, I’m making up some goodies to bring over to her hubby who is alone until she and the kids get back. Oh delicious snap peas! garlic scapes, chard, red leaf lettuce, mint, cilantro, rosemary, zucchini, yellow squash and fresh flowers. Dinner was peanut chicken with rice noodles, the cilantro, peas and scapes came in handy! We’ve been doing dinner by candlelight lately. Everybody is calmer, we take our time and enjoy dinner, we talk to each other ( the kids can’t really see whats on their plates to complain about) and of course to save some electricity. I know its not much but it feels important.

I’m also on a project jag – SO many ideas and I dragged out an old project to finish up, pics over on Flickr. Later in the week I’ll hit you with pics from our little garden – shes a doing swell.



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