Got a sweetie down in the chicken house

😉 – Gosh what a racket like an old buzz saw

No pics today.

Game night was a blast – most of us just “watched” Scene-It and shouted answers at each other in between bits of conversation. good times. It was a late night and a long drive home from Worcester and there were massive thunderstorms til about 4 am, so… we’re just finishing up lunch. Mm mm, leftover meatball sandwiches. yum 🙂

Pat and the girls are doing some yard work in prep for the upcoming party day (birthday/bbq in August) and I’m working on finishing up a clothes sort-out. You know, “hmmm. Have I worn this in the last 6 months? Can I see myself wearing it in the next 6?” When the answer is NO, it goes to the Goodwill. Its been a couple years since I did this with my own clothes and it was time. I don’t have a revolving pile of “clothes that are clean but aren’t put away” anymore. My bedroom looks HUGE! I might even rearrange it this week. I haven’t moved my room around in over 6 years – I think that’s a record in my family!

Once I’m done with the clothes I’ll settle in to finish knitting up the final test of my Twilight sock pattern, write up the pattern and try to pop it up on Ravelry this week.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.



Unusually hard to hold onto

😉 – ’cause you asked for it

Busy busy busy. I’m in the final edits of 3 different patterns that I hope to offer soon on Ravelry.

Yes. I know. They’re all black and you can’t see any detail. Thats OK. The detail part is on the back of the calf – Ill get to that (again).

I’m a jewelry making fool – there’s a tutorial for This over here. Make one for yourself or friends!

*Edit – Annie says I need to tell you that I wrote the tutorial 🙂

The girls and I headed out to the Springfield Science Museum with my Aunt and cousin yesterday. The girls had a great time and we managed to get out of the house on a miserable day. There were no huge fights, no one got lost and no one had a hissy fit – me included. I call that a successful day. We had a super lunch at Fitzwilly’s and headed home for a quiet evening.

We’re off to a game night extravaganza with friends tomorrow night – friends we haven’t seen since before Christmas! Yowza.

More crafting in the weeks to come.


From a great height

😉 – You don’t remember

I got soap today and crazy ideas – neither of which is s new thing for me. I wish you could smell this!

Did you know that men rank Cinnamon as one of their top turn-on scents? Go get you some cinnamon soap ladies. Seriously, if you go to Simpler Thyme and mention this post ( you ‘ll have to past a link to it) they’ll send you free soap. These people are awesome. So many, wholesome, handmade, soaps. They sent us a bonus Smorgasbar in Wildflower. yum yum yum.

Crazy ideas – jewelry is clacking around in my brain – I’ll have a tutorial of sorts up soon here and…elsewhere. I also dyed yarn today for a Dr. Horrible related item. The colors are uber pale – not what I wanted, I blame the yarn cuz that sucker was LOADED with dye. S’alright, I’ll still be able to work out the pattern. More soon.


Ask if I am mouse or man

😉 – The mirror squeaked, away I ran

I FINALLY cleaned out my fabric stash and organized it today. I separated all the colors and pulled out all the scraps that are less than 1 yd to stash elsewhere. I still have a huge pile that needs to be put away but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

also cleaned up and organized all my beading supplies. i started a few things, more on that later.

And surprise! My trumpet vine has exploded into a second bloom. I went all Joey Lawrence. Whoa!


And these, are not the hammer.


For years Patrick and I have bantered back and forth about television. About the crap on most of the channels and that if people actually paid for what they watched television programming might actually be good. We have declared that we would willingly pay for the television shows and channels that we enjoy watching.

And now, my friends, the time has come to do just that. Patrick and I will now be paying to watch one of the best little bits of episodic “television” that I have ever seen. For those of you that loved Buffy (especially “Once More with Feeling”), Angel and Firefly – go watch, for free, the first 3 episodes of: *Alrighy folks its iTunes time. Go show your Whedon love.

and tell me you don’t want to pay for more. I dare you.


What I’ve felt

😉 -What I’ve known

Mmm, breakfast. Homemade almond and honey granola with banana. I had a hankerin for granola the other night so I made some. Super simple recipe that lends itself well to all sorts of additions and substitutions, next time I’m adding wheat germ and coconut. Pat and the girls seem to like it, looks like I’ll have to make a bigger batch next week.

I made a deal with the girls for the summer. We’d do all sorts of stuff if they’d give me one day a week for “work” – you know, playing with yarn. Most of the time this day will be Wednesday so I can get ready for class that night but I knew that today would be hot and Monday just wasn’t so we traded. With how busy we’ve been since the end of school I had forgotten just how much faster I work on projects when I have a movie in front of me. So, on monday I pulled up my Watch Instantly queue on Netflix and got back to work. I can not believe that for 16 years I have not watched Unforgiven. I sort of remember almost going to see it with my Mom but we never did. Why! This movie is …ah. Can’t explain. I’m already a huge fan of Clint EastwoodThe Outlaw Josey Wales is an all time fav of mine since childhood and I even forgive him for The Bridges of Madison County. Oh. When he ever takes that drink under the one lone tree outside of town – I cried. Besides, I adore Gene Hackman in everything. Miss Teschmacher! Go watch it again – good good film. This past week I have also watched Where Angels Fear to Tread – long romance with E.M. Forster for me (ask Pat about the Sunday afternoon I made him go to the Hofstra library with me and watch A Room With a View on an 8in tv/vcr – still one of my favorite us days), Little Children – excellent and hard to watch, and Broken English – gush! What is it about French Men?!? Melvil = Fergus?

I’m chugging along on several projects, the biggest being the crochet block blanket for the class I’m teaching this fall. I want the sample to be at Webs when the new schedule comes out so people can see what they’ll be making, more students sign up when they know what they’ll go home with.

I have 5 squares left to make, join them all and finagle a border. I’m gonna need more yarn. Good Thing I’ll be at Webs tonight. Right now I need to go pack up the afternoon snacks, towles and my beach chair so we can head out to the pond after lunch.


Don’t you monkey with the monkey!

😉 – Something knocked me out the trees

Yesterday was a long day, but good. The girls and I headed out for a birthday party just as my FIL was arriving to help Patrick unload a deck’s worth of lumber (he’ll be using that to build 2009s sugar shack) and to measure all our windows, replacements are going in before winter. Yay! Our current windows date from 1959, yep – single pane heat dispensers.

So all us ladies made a 2 hour trek over to New York state for my Memaire’s 78th and my cousin Jacob’s 1st combined birthday party. Memaire was a bit surprised to be included but it was a good day hanging out with family and eatin yummy yummy food! Seriously, my Aunt Linda made this raspberry pretzel thing! I know it sounds questionable but its SO! delicious.

Saeb and I left around 5, Re stayed with my Mom – it was her turn for an overnight. After another yummy meal, this time homemade pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with fresh coleslaw corn on the cob and watermelon with my in-laws, Patrick and I headed out for, his middle bro, Kevin’s birthday party. An 80’s party. Shit, that was fun.

Many people came in costumes, we did not, there was a mix tape contest, I have no idea who won since they couldn’t find a working tape player in the house but I had more fun mining our MP3 files and burning it all onto 4 CDs so we could “tape” them!, there was 80’s candy, we brought prop beer – Pabst and Black Label(I secretly dreamed of showing up with a case of Genny Cream Ale but it can’t be found outside a keg around here. When Pat asked for it at the liquor store the girl told him that all the “cream sodas” were over in the corner. HA!) Btw I don’t recommend working on your jaywalkers outside, in the semi-dark, while talking, and swooshing away mosquitoes and beetles, I have 3 rows to tink. There was also a cardboard dance floor for when we all felt like gettin down and break dancing.

So far as I know only Kevin made an attempt, thankfully with his bike helmet on. I don’t recommend this drunk at 1 am but no one listens to the sober girl, I was DD. We were all supposed to come up with an 80’s Dj name and “tag” the dance floor.”Its Betty. Miss Knotty if you’re nasty!”

We headed back to the in-laws to sleep around 2 and the party was still going. We had a great time, ran into some old friends and had some good laughs and good beer – 80’s props not withstanding.

Today we’re laying back. The kids are playing with the neighbors grandkids, I’m…here, and Pat’s napping. I should go think about dinner. How was your weekend?



😉 – Doot doo do do do

We have lived in this house for 7 years and there is a window next to my back door that has never had a curatin. Odd, I know. I have reasons. I love my kitchen, It has these great teal/aqua tiles, cuz it was built in the 50’s. Problem. The kitchen and “dining room” are the same space divided by a breakfast bar and the dining area is painted this god-awful lemon yellow.  The back door and said window are on the dining area side of the room. I liked the little curtains that the former owner left on the kitchen windows and I could never find anything that matched them enough to use on that lone window. I have also been contemplating painting, finally. One of my roadblocks with painting was the girls – babies are messy, especially where food is concerned. They’re old enough now that I don’t have to worry about sticky, food covered hands all over the walls – well, not too often anyway. We also have a closet in the dining area that we only use for long-term storage stuff, we use a coat tree instead – its easier for the girls, all the bags, sweaters, raincoats, umbrellas, and miscellany that goes along with school age children. The coat tree makesit near to impossible to open that closet door anyway, its very crowded in that corner. So, we’ve decided to take the closet door off and replace it with a curtain.

that’s the pattern on the couch, my curtains in the living room and my painted TV/stereo cabinet

I wasn’t sure this was all going to work. I had hopes. I couldn’t imagine what kind of fabric I would use that would work with the kitchen and the living room and be a print and colors that I liked – oh me of little faith. One, literally 5 minute, trip to Joanne’s and I was a very happy girl.

This is my new kitchen fabric, closet curtain, window curtains and a spare kitchen tile thrown in (I took it with my for color comparisons). I’m already making new pot holders to match and I have yet to sew a stitch – its my project for next week. So now I’m thinking, that persimmony color in the window fabric would look great on the walls. Whaddaya think?


Car after bus after car after truck

😉 – I’d have the music high, Going 95

Oh Monday. Its been relatively quiet around here today. It was beautiful and sunny but not too hot and the girls spent most of the day outside. We hit the grocery store for a bit, they were surprisingly well behaved, and we had two great meals together. Patrick is off to his folks place to help his Dad with some big deck project for the next day or two so, its just us girls.

We had an all mexican chicken day 🙂 Chicken and snap pea quesadillas for lunch and chicken and chard tacos for dinner. They’re loving the greens because they’re from our own garden. Speaking of:

mini grape bunch

cucumber blooms

first tomato bloom

and my gooseneck phlox ready to bloom

Oh, and Seabra lost her first tooth on Sunday! She’s very excited (she’s also enjoying some radish greens in that pic – eeew, green teeth.)

Later this week I’ll be making new curtains for the kitchen and dining area, I’ll post pics as I go. I might even freak my husband out and paint the room while he’s gone! Mwaahaahaahaa