Up to the highest heights

😉 – up through the atmosphere

Tomorrow we leave for Alabama. My MIL’s family moved down there when she was a little girl and her Mom is turning 90 so the whole family – and I mean everyone ( her family is from and is still mostly in Ohio and they are coming, I’m hoping to figure out exactly how it is that my husband is related to John Dillinger so I can go see this with a smug smile on my face) – is converging on the Mobile area to help celebrate. Pat’s Mom and Dad are flying down with the four of us and flying back as well, my two BiL’s and SiL’s are meeting us there along with a plethora of aunts uncles and cousins galore. We come back next Thursday night and that weekend is the annual family reunion for my Fil’s family – tis the week of massive familyness.

I decided that I wanted to have a nice breakfast of cinnamon french toast the morning after we get back…so I made cinnamon swirl bread. We already devoured one loaf but the other is safely stored in the freezer awaiting our return. Nothing like coming home to a clean house, fresh linens on your bed and a good homemade meal.

I’ll be stitching away while we’re away so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to show you upon my return. Have a good week my little chickadees!



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