He turns the seasons around

😉 – and so she changes her gown

This is one of the most adorable things ever.

We baked banana bread this morning and the girls rode their bikes in time trials up and down the road – almost 4 miles before they were done – averaging 1 minute per mile. Then we went and picked strawberries (pics over on Flickr) but the best part. The Best! After arriving home with two large baskets full of berries and sitting down to a celebratory slice of now cooled chocolate chip banana bread…

Saebra passed out mid slice.



2 thoughts on “He turns the seasons around

  1. I have got to quit, I can’t see and on the best of days, dammit, I can’t type. I did and do want to say, what an adorable picture of that exhausted sweetie pie.
    Always in awe of all of the beauty crochet-ness you do, plus the knitting. Whooo, this is hard in the dark for such a keyboard challenged person.
    Happy summer…best to you, e.

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