Millions of peaches

šŸ˜‰ – peaches for me

Ok I apologize for a week of no bloggy goodness. I promise more this evening – A catch-up, if you will. In the meantime – Dudes I think I found Jamie Fraser! If not then he’s got to be Jemmy!



3 thoughts on “Millions of peaches

  1. That’s a good Jamie, but I think the other guy had more intense eyes the way I pictured Jamie’s. Maybe Jemmy. Yup.

    Love that Acorn bag. Looks like fun. I’m in a knitting funk. Major. I have so much lovely yarn to work with but I was in a bit of a funk before and now I’m so hot that I don’t want to touch anything that will keep or make me warmer. I have ideas for the stash…don’t worry. It’ll just be a little bit I think. Then I can get back into my swing!

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