In peace we sleep entwined…

😉 Quiet fills the room

How do I hate my F hook? Let me count the ways

One Onethousand, Two Onethousand, Three Onethousand…

Ppppbbbbbbbbbleeeeeeaaaaase Eddie!

Alright, seriously, I can’t stand my F hook. It’s baleen and too flexible and the tip of the head is too sharp and I keep splitting my yarn and its taking me twice as long to make each stitch because I’m being SO careful and I don’t have the time this week to go grab another and I already started this blanket project for the Crochet 2 class I’m teaching this fall and I’m loath to change hooks midway through – change of gauge and all. How is it that I have every size from a  1.75 steel up to a ginormous blue plastic S and in the middle there I have 8! G’s but I only have this one stinkin’ F?

Next week I’m getting one of these. I have every other size.

Ah well, this past week saw all kinds of crazy yarn moving over my needles and hooks. I made a pair of Pocketbook Slippers and an Acorn project bag for my sister’s birthday – I’m also working on a shawl for her, but considering she still hasn’t gotten the skirt that I made for her birthday 4 years ago – its all good.

I also started an acorn for me 🙂 from some crazy rough and prickly yarn that I got for free at the Webs tent sale like 3 years ago, its working up great. I might make a market bag with this stuff, I’ve got 2 cones left. um, uh, yeah, I already started one of those with jute that I found during last weeks clean out. yeah.

I’m going to go back to sitting in front of the fan now. i think I may actually be melting.



4 thoughts on “In peace we sleep entwined…

  1. Can you fit in a trip to WEBS for an Addi F hook today? They’ve got AC, right?

    Those slippers are just so stylish and fun. I love them.

    Keep cool, somehow!!!!

  2. Your acorn looks way more acorny than mine. Which isn’t suprising. I like the slippers, those are very cute. I think I want to start a crochet blanket in the fall…a Babette.

  3. I downloaded that darling acorn bag project. I do love anything “acorny”. I have to say that no matter how I tried, I cannot do that Magic Circle thingy, or whatever it’s called. I even held my tongue right, nearly stood on my head etc. I just can’t make my fingers do it. I’d like to blame part of it on the fact that I crochet left handed and also, that these hands are no longer youthful and supple. Damn!

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