Don’t, no don’t sink the boat..

😉 – that’s all you can do

Somebody stop me please. Now that classes at Umass are over for me and the current class in my Crochet 1 class has “graduated” I find myself in a place where I have tons of time and a mind that just WON’T stop coming up with ideas for new projects. Projects that I must immediately find the materials for and begin!! NOW!

Man, I have 12 projects in hibernation and 7 more that I’m actively working on and yet I spent 1/2 an hour today playing around with a crochet pattern for Queen Anne’s lace and wondering what I could turn it into, what yarn I would use, if there would be beads involved….

I also decided that I needed to reorganize and store my in-house crafty stash, I really need to get to the fabric that I have in boxes out in the mouse factory (garage) but I’ll need more storage before I can do that and it’s a big job. I’ll have to tackle it later. For now I have 2 new, 5 drawer containers that I am slowly moving all my yarn, felt, floss, and indoor sewing supplies into. Problem is I keep finding yarns I forgot about – projects I forgot about and various patterns and supplies. I started 2 hours ago and I’m only 1/2 way done. The hubby is giving me the look – pile ‘o crap in the living room and here I sit at the computer. mmm hmmm.

I’ll leave it at that for now, get back to organizing and photographing and then i need to go do some dishes and make some dinner – tacos (with fresh guacamole for me)



4 thoughts on “Don’t, no don’t sink the boat..

  1. “The hubby is giving me the look – pile ‘o crap in the living room and here I sit at the computer”

    Oh I so know ‘That’ look! Good luck!

  2. oh. guacamole. you’d think, being where I am, there’d be more of that, but no. I have to be contented with huevos rancheros. closest to mexican since my arrival. I know there’s better around here somewhere…

  3. Hi…I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now…I love your voice and your attitude. I just had to say, I love Flogging Molly! 🙂

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