these pictures of you

😉 – you were stone white so delicate

Whadda great weekend!

Between Saturday and Sunday I taught 4 adults and 13 kids to knit, 3 adults and one kid to crochet, I inhaled 2 DELICIOUS lamb burgers, bought one skein of beautiful yarn, worked 6 more inches on my shawl, almost finished my Fil’s socks, finally got my copy of MMO’s book signed!, had a great udon and sushi dinner with my husband, sang at the top of my lungs to one of my favorite records, ran into lots of friends( Melissa, Baby Kid, April, Kristin and Julia, Cirilia, KT, Jenna, Beth, Dorset, and Nyssa) , had a great dinner with my Mom, sister and friends and promptly passed out by 10pm both nights. I love Cummington in the Spring.

Yesterday was just me and the girls, Pat had to work. I would say too bad he had to work the holiday except for the added benefit of holiday pay! By 9:30 we were out scouring the woods in the neighborhood for big fallen tree branches that we could build our bean teepee with – Saeb was a wiz at this and found 4 out of the 6 that we used. Kid was dragging trees out of the woods many times larger than herself and thrilled by it! Aurelia was a bit more laid back and was just enjoying being along for the walk – she seems to be more allergy sensitive this spring and her asthma had kicked up over the weekend enough that it slowed her down some.  By the time I got the teepee installed they were done and headed off to play in the stream, ride their bikes and play in the sandbox. I popped on my sunhat and proceeded to dig, string, turn earth, plant seedlings, weed, water and occasionally took a break to guzzle lemonade, treat myself to a chapter and just take in the beauty of the day. In the end I managed to get 1/2 the garden in but with thunderstorms and hail predicted for today I didn’t want to tackle the direct sow seeds, I’ll leave that to later this week. Besides, I need to let the 2 blisters I earned heal a bit before I pick up that shovel and hoe again! 🙂

In the afternoon I took a walk around the yard and started picking flowers – what a collection! and my house still smells So Good this morning from the bouquet. The girls and I pressed more flowers in the evening after dinner and Pat took them out for a hike before bed while I made a couple loaves of bread – plain and cinnamon swirl. Of course they had trouble settling for the evening and bedtime was a mess but all in all it was a wonderful weekend.

How was yours?



3 thoughts on “these pictures of you

  1. “Disintegration is the best album ever!” (South Park episode where Robert Smith beats Mecca Streisand). Sounds like a lovely weekend.

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