Where will I be when I go back home

😉 – and what’ll I do?

So I’m off to teach workshops in Cummington tomorrow. My friend April is doing the needle felting workshop again 🙂 I’m looking forward to popping in and making a little sheep of my own.

In crochet news I’ve been working on a pineapple square and bouncing around ideas from that. I worked up a half square – trying out the idea of a triangle shawl but I thought that piecing together a buch of squares and 1/2 squares was too fussy.

So then I rewrote the pattern/chart as an ever expanding 1/2 square. Now I just need to work it out to a sufficient size and figure out how to finish it off. The one I’m sussing everything out on will be for my sister’s 29th (in 2 weeks). I’m using a skein of Araucania Ranco Multy sock yarn that I picked up at Webs almost a year ago, the colors are very her.

Have I mentioned that I’m 2 days away from my 12th wedding anniversary? boggles the mind.



6 thoughts on “Where will I be when I go back home

  1. Now that pineapple square is downright gorgeous! It’s beyond my imagination how anyone could do that. I am totally impressed..and that pattern looks like some exotic DNA to me.
    Happy “versary”.

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