The evening speaks…

šŸ˜‰ – but we wouldn’t be that brave I know

I just watched the director’s cut of Blade Runner. I haven’t seen the film since I was, maybe, 18 or so, and it wasn’t this version – it was the original theatrical release. I forgot how much I like this film and strangely, Rutger Hauer.

Maybe not so strange, I have an ooey-gooey romantic streak a mile wide and Ladyhawke is a guilty pleasure, favorite of mine (add it to the list). Seriously, though I border on loathing Matthew Broderick in this one, I genuinely enjoy the flick. And what girl wouldn’t love a man who looks like a vengeful viking, who turns into a black wolf at night, and spends his days trying to free the woman he loves, who herself turns into a hawk during his not-wolf hours.

Toss in an evil bishop – perpetrator of the animal curse, a cringe worthy sidekick (the aforementioned Broderick), a drunken monk and a bunch of incompetent guardsmen and you’ve got yourself something worth watching.

I did say watching, not listening. The soundtrack kills me. I suppose it was avant garde and trendy to use synthesizers and electric guitars at the time but Sweet Mercy!

Yeah ok, but you know what makes up for it? The man’s name is Etienne Navarre. Go ahead, say it. You’d like to come home to a man with a name like that – you know it. I would. One of my favorite scenes is in this clip – about 2 minutes in. After Philiipe ties Goliath to the tree. I lurve Rutger in this film.

Man, I need a book. Pat’s due to bring me home a copy of this sometime this week but I need to start something new. The next book isn’t due out for a year, and I’m in limbo with this series and this one and this one too (that I started when I was 16!). Anybody want to recommend something to me ? Preferreably a series that is DONE and maybe mostly in paperback?

More crochet soon and a visit to the Mass Sheep and Woolcraft Fair!



3 thoughts on “The evening speaks…

  1. I swear we were separated at birth or something. Ladyhawke…one of my all time faves. You know what I love? How Navarre says Isabeau (probably spelling it wrong, but you’ll know what I mean). I on the other hand love Matthew Broderick in this one, but I think I had seen Ferris Bueler prior, so ya know, had a crush on him. I need this on DVD…my VHS has this horrible audio wow in it. Other favourite scene: When Navarre throws the sword and skewers the bishop on the altar….kewl.

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