Let me have my way

😉 – when was the last time you danced?

This is a busy weekend for me, though you wouldn’t know it by lookin’ this way. My final project is due in my art class on Monday night. We’re doing an exquisite corpse type thingy, with each student telling a story in 15 drawings and then doing a 16th drawing to transition to the next person’s story. I decided to do all of mine in Adobe Illustrator. We’d done a project earlier in the semester where we analyzed a painting, this was mine.

Jar of Apricots by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

I’ve got 8 more images to do in the next 2 days. I blew through 5 today so I’m not worried but I am busy. Aurelia had a brownie meeting this morning, Patrick had the usual Saturday errands to run, and Saebra is off to her first sleepover birthday party with 9 other 6 year-old girls – brave parents, those.

Somewhere in the middle there my Auntie Jo and cousin Tiffany popped in. I’m sitting here at the computer, clicking away at my assignment and I begin to wonder who the strange female voice is speaking to my children outside. It wasn’t one of the neighbors and I wasn’t worried so much as curious – Patrick was out there with them – when I looked up I saw my Aunt. I should clarify and tell you that no one in my family just pops over for a visit, they all live at least an hour away. They were out looking for hanging baskets full of an assortment of flowers that contained no purples. Not finding any to their satisfaction in the usual neighborhood haunts they had driven over to Northampton. Still unable to find the elusive purple-free flower basket they headed over the bridge and ended up on the road that eventually – and by eventually I mean that you take two lefts, an immediate right, merge right and then two lefts over the course of 15 miles – leads to my house. We visited for a bit and I’m proud to say that I didn’t feel compelled to hastily clean my bathroom before letting my Aunt “use the facilities”. I am not a good house keeper, its usually a mad scramble around here in the hours before we know company is due to arrive. They stayed for a bit to visit – crap, I never offered them anything,ugh. I loooove you, Auntie. Tiff too! – and they headed back out to find their prey.

I’m going to go make some pizza for dinner, doughs been rising for a couple hours and it smells so good. Soon I’ll fill you in on my sudden need to make bread. I’m also sneaking in a few stitches here and there on a drawstring bag for my crochet 1 class. Its leftover sock yarn from these and I SO love the colors – it reminds me of Wardi’s Happyscapes.



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