Hey, mister, can you tell me…


Annie, we were both wrong. Its Fannie.

I have had a great recharge weekend. The kids left with my Mom at noon yesterday and Patrick and I had a whole 23 hours to ourselves. This was our first weekend alone in 6 months, we spent the first 20 minutes enjoying the silence. Then we munched a quick lunch of homemade egg rolls and headed off to Lowe’s to pick up some bark mulch and a new timer switch for the oil burner. Once we got home I worked on cleaning out one of my flower beds, trimming my lilac, and laying down some mulch while Pat put my clothes line back up. It had fallen down last year and instead of having him put it back up I pondered a new home for it. I’m much happier with it on the far side of the garage than right out my kitchen window. Its a longer walk but it gets more sunshine and its out of the way, before it was kind of in the middle of the part of the yard we use. Much happier now 🙂

We fired up the grill for the first time, of course Pat had to cut a new bottom grill rack, the old one had rusted out. He makes a nice fireworks show 🙂

We then enjoyed deliciously perfect steak, potato salad and surprise beer, (Surprise! You left homebrew in the garage fridge last fall and its still good!). We finally watched The Simpsons movie, “I can’t believe I paid to see something I can watch for free on TV.” eh, it was ok. We watched last weeks episode of LOST and then I pretty much crashed. *snore  snore  snore*

This morning I headed out for a beautiful day in downtown Northampton with good friends. I met Annie at her house, her friend Heather was already there, and we headed to Luna pizza to meet Dierdre, mow some pizza and beer and prepare for enjoying the Harlot. We stopped at Valley Fabrics – *GAH!* – every time I step into that shop I drool, then on to a quick stop at Webs before strolling back down to the Calvin. Stephanie was as entertaining as ever and I laughed some good laughs.  8 hours with friends, thats a good day. I finished one sock and started another, hopefully I’ll have a finished pair for Aurelia tomorrow afternoon – I’m 2 inches away from done 🙂 Right now I’m off to do a few quick sketches for class tomorrow night and do some work on my final project.



3 thoughts on “Hey, mister, can you tell me…

  1. I had a really nice time on Sunday, especially the beer and yarn part. I think we should do something like that at least once a month!

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