Now our daughter’s grown up fine…


I am officially out of new “verras, dins, ochs, ayes, worrits, and Sassenachs”

That handsome fellow above is about as close as I can get to how I picture a one Mr. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser. MAN! I’ve been so good, too. I devour books and I purposefully moved in slow-mo through Voyager. I mean, Pat brought it home for me (surprise) last Friday and here it is Wednesday and I just finished it. Verra unlike me.

So. The question is, “Can I wait 25 hours for Patrick to bring home The Fiery Cross?”

How long can a girl live without Jamie?!

(I promise I’ll have a much more in depth post about the Outlander series in the near future. There will even be some knit/crochet involved)



3 thoughts on “Now our daughter’s grown up fine…

  1. the Outlander series rocks! I like your Jamie casting. Not bad, but not quite how I picture him either. Have you read Drums of Autumn yet? If you haven’t you really need to read it before The Fiery Cross, or you will miss a huge part of the story. Happy Reading!

  2. Oh, don’t do what I did and skip a book by accident! Make sure Pat checks!

    Not a bad job with Jamie, but you didn’t mention to the people unfamiliar with Outlander that he’s got the most gorgeous red hair imaginable. ::sigh:: I read them WAY too fast. Couldn’t stop! I am already missing them and want to re-read. But I can’t (yet) because Shaun will give me the same disappointed comment of “can’t you find anything NEW to read??” that he gives me when I pick up Harry Potter again. BUT, she’s not done with book 7 of Outlander, which means there is more Jamie to come, and possibly an 8th if she can draw it out enough.

    I love these books. It is because of them that I moved Scotland up in rank on my favorite countries list. (England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, India, Japan)

    Talk about weak at the knees. Every woman deserves a Jamie.

    I will stop now.

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