I like my bands in business suits…


When did I get old enough to say, “Twenty seven years ago…”? When I realized that Raiders came out in ’81.

We’ve had a great weekend. A nice pleasant start to a week I can honestly say I have been dreading. February vacation, even with all the distracting activities at the  library and playdates with friends was not a “good Mommy” week.

We ran errands on Saturday and listened to Huey Lewis and Enter the Haggis as we did – nice combo, huh? Saebra spent most of the ride with her head almost out the window and Aurelia with her nose buried in Black Beauty , “Mama. I get it! Black Beauty is telling the story.” We had dinner and a lovely evening with friends (sans Patrick. he was changing oil, oil filter, gaping sparkplugs and changing tires on his car, studs are no longer needed 🙂 ) and we watched a gorgeous full moon on the way home.

Sunday we were busy in the morning, as my car got the same treatment Pat’s had gotten the night before and our weekly pancake breakfast was whipped up. In the midst of all that Saebra fell twice, once scraping up a knee badly enough to need Daddy to wash and bandage her up and a second time out of a tree. Not so bad except that she was wearing a skirt and little girl undies are no protection from sappy, splintery pine. We’ve decided that we’ll only wear pants outside to play from now on.

Then we headed off to Pat’s parent’s place to celebrate his youngest brother Shaun’s birthday. We went on a great hike up to the Boulders. We saw two garter snakes cooling off in a little runoff stream, one wild turkey,  a stealthy turtle, and a pile of beautiful little wildflowers all poking up out of the leaf litter. The girls did great on what ended up being a three hour hike and they we’re still awake when we got home, though I don’t think I’d closed the door to their room before they were conked out.

Today they made me breakfast – english muffin with jelly, and played wonderfully together out side until lunch. Currently they are on a plant hunt down the street, Aurelia with small scissors for cutting “samples” and Saebra with the collection basket. It took them 1/2 an hour to to both sides of our end of the street, I wonder how long they’ll survive (get along) on the way down and back from the other end.(it took another 45 minutes and they were in great, sisterly spirits when they got back 🙂 )

Hopefully we’ll have an interesting project to do with what they collect, I’ll let you know.

Yarn caressing continues as well. I’m working on a pair of socks for a classmate and my crochet 1 class begins again on Tuesday at Webs. I only have 2 weeks left to my classes at Umass so they will be a bit crunched with the crochet class added in but I’ll manage 🙂



One thought on “I like my bands in business suits…

  1. I want to learn to crochet, just to do granny squares. Glad that everything is going smoothly. Are they on a spring break then? Seems late. Kids here have theirs in March.

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