Deeper Shade of Soul…


different states of doneness…

* Aurelia’s Pinwheel Sweater – K 😦

* Mom’s Kitchen Vest – K 😦

* The Looney sweater – C 🙂

* Twilight socks – K ;(

* Layette set for Erin  – C 🙂

Four questions;

1.) How many will I actually finish – seaming, weaving in ends and blocking included – by April 1? sadly only 2, The Looney sweater and the layette

2.) Which one do you think I’ll finish first? – Looney. Saeb needed an Easter sweater 🙂

3.) How much of my time will be wasted making super yummy, time consuming desserts instead of working on yarny projects? Approx 5; one overly nutmeggy apple crisp, Buddy’s birthday cake, and rice pudding.

4.) How many new projects will I start by April 1? Only 2, The Odette fingerless mitts and the Capitain hat.

So, who got it rightest? Since there were 4 questions, I gave 25 points for each correct answer. Everybody got 25 for the dessert one. How can there be a wrong answer there? Well maybe Melissa‘s…she said, “a great deal more than I will.” Then she found a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe, hmmmm.

With 3 out of 4 right, our prize(s) winner is Bonnie!!! of Blue Peninsula! She guessed that I would only start ONE new project, her only wrong answer – HA! Congratulations Bonnie 🙂

And now for the prizes, mwahahahahahh….

pewter-yarn-coil.jpgSuper hard-to-part-with pewter, just under 100yds of fine-sport/sock weight, yarn

explosion-violet.jpgOne of my prized African Violets (a baby of course – nobody gets the Mammas)Bonnie, you may choose mauve, violet or plum colored blooms.

a-and-b.jpgOne pint of our Maple syrup, soo, so sweet this year

rowanspun.jpg4 skeins of rowanspun 4ply in a yummy, earthy green with flecks of caramel and cream. Approx  650yds at 7sts/inch on Us 3’s

bamboo-in-charcoal.jpga frameable copy of my Bamboo in charcoal

A few of my favorite recipes plus a couple little extras that she’ll find when she opens her box. Thanks to all of you that commented and e-mailed to participate, even if was just to say that you had no idea and couldn’t guess! 🙂 I would also like to send along a special thanks to Marti and Kate, former prize pack winners, who graciously kept themselves out of the running to give you good ladies better odds.

The broken one is fairy well. She has a hard time remembering that she’s injured and should be taking it easy. She sneaks her hand out of the sling every time she gets a chance, “but Mama! It doesn’t hurt!!”, and it won’t if she can be good for the next 5 weeks.  Saeb is nearing the end of her punishment for stealing the gum and seems to have learned a lesson, maybe. I’m off to find a new instantly viewable TV show to watch on Netflix, I devoured every episode I could of MI5 (Spooks in the UK).  Lurve! Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Quinn!



4 thoughts on “Deeper Shade of Soul…

  1. Netflix picks

    6 Feet Under – very good!
    Big Love – good but leaves you hanging when you realize that there is no season 3
    30 Rock – TV that is actually funny… VERY funny!

  2. Hey, I had no idea that GF cookie recipe was going to crop up – or that it would actually WORK and I’d eat them all!!!

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