Step into a life of maybe


Final project for my art class is to tell a story in 15 frames. Strangely I feel inspired by Pat’s homebrew.

Here’s where it starts, we’ll see where it goes.



Hey, mister, can you tell me…


Annie, we were both wrong. Its Fannie.

I have had a great recharge weekend. The kids left with my Mom at noon yesterday and Patrick and I had a whole 23 hours to ourselves. This was our first weekend alone in 6 months, we spent the first 20 minutes enjoying the silence. Then we munched a quick lunch of homemade egg rolls and headed off to Lowe’s to pick up some bark mulch and a new timer switch for the oil burner. Once we got home I worked on cleaning out one of my flower beds, trimming my lilac, and laying down some mulch while Pat put my clothes line back up. It had fallen down last year and instead of having him put it back up I pondered a new home for it. I’m much happier with it on the far side of the garage than right out my kitchen window. Its a longer walk but it gets more sunshine and its out of the way, before it was kind of in the middle of the part of the yard we use. Much happier now πŸ™‚

We fired up the grill for the first time, of course Pat had to cut a new bottom grill rack, the old one had rusted out. He makes a nice fireworks show πŸ™‚

We then enjoyed deliciously perfect steak, potato salad and surprise beer, (Surprise! You left homebrew in the garage fridge last fall and its still good!). We finally watched The Simpsons movie, “I can’t believe I paid to see something I can watch for free on TV.” eh, it was ok. We watched last weeks episode of LOST and then I pretty much crashed. *snoreΒ  snoreΒ  snore*

This morning I headed out for a beautiful day in downtown Northampton with good friends. I met Annie at her house, her friend Heather was already there, and we headed to Luna pizza to meet Dierdre, mow some pizza and beer and prepare for enjoying the Harlot. We stopped at Valley Fabrics – *GAH!* – every time I step into that shop I drool, then on to a quick stop at Webs before strolling back down to the Calvin. Stephanie was as entertaining as ever and I laughed some good laughs.Β  8 hours with friends, thats a good day. I finished one sock and started another, hopefully I’ll have a finished pair for Aurelia tomorrow afternoon – I’m 2 inches away from done πŸ™‚ Right now I’m off to do a few quick sketches for class tomorrow night and do some work on my final project.


I am not in love, but I’m open to persuasion…


He’s such a good hubby. He remembered.

Chapter one: A Hanging in Eden

whisky -3, wee-1, ye – 21, dinna – 6, Sassenach – 6, expressive Gaelic phrases – 5, aye – 8, bonny – 1, laddie – 1, ken – 5, scairt – 1, verra – 1, and various wilnas, didnas, cannas, havenas and wi’s.

The bank of mid 18th century Scottich colloquialisms is full and I’m ready to cash a few checks.

I did a bit of weeding today, cleaning up a bit of one of my flower beds, watered my seedlings, finalized my garden plot plan. Hopefully Pat and I will be working in the garden all day tomorrow after the kids leave to spend the weekend with grandparents. I cut away some of last years dead flower cones from my lilac today and saw the new ones poking out, so pretty and petite. Garden pics tomorrow and maybe sock pics as well.


Now our daughter’s grown up fine…


I am officially out of new “verras, dins, ochs, ayes, worrits, and Sassenachs”

That handsome fellow above is about as close as I can get to how I picture a one Mr. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser. MAN! I’ve been so good, too. I devour books and I purposefully moved in slow-mo through Voyager. I mean, Pat brought it home for me (surprise) last Friday and here it is Wednesday and I just finished it. Verra unlike me.

So. The question is, “Can I wait 25 hours for Patrick to bring home The Fiery Cross?”

How long can a girl live without Jamie?!

(I promise I’ll have a much more in depth post about the Outlander series in the near future. There will even be some knit/crochet involved)


I like my bands in business suits…


When did I get old enough to say, “Twenty seven years ago…”? When I realized that Raiders came out in ’81.

We’ve had a great weekend. A nice pleasant start to a week I can honestly say I have been dreading. February vacation, even with all the distracting activities at theΒ  library and playdates with friends was not a “good Mommy” week.

We ran errands on Saturday and listened to Huey Lewis and Enter the Haggis as we did – nice combo, huh? Saebra spent most of the ride with her head almost out the window and Aurelia with her nose buried in Black Beauty , “Mama. I get it! Black Beauty is telling the story.” We had dinner and a lovely evening with friends (sans Patrick. he was changing oil, oil filter, gaping sparkplugs and changing tires on his car, studs are no longer needed πŸ™‚ ) and we watched a gorgeous full moon on the way home.

Sunday we were busy in the morning, as my car got the same treatment Pat’s had gotten the night before and our weekly pancake breakfast was whipped up. In the midst of all that Saebra fell twice, once scraping up a knee badly enough to need Daddy to wash and bandage her up and a second time out of a tree. Not so bad except that she was wearing a skirt and little girl undies are no protection from sappy, splintery pine. We’ve decided that we’ll only wear pants outside to play from now on.

Then we headed off to Pat’s parent’s place to celebrate his youngest brother Shaun’s birthday. We went on a great hike up to the Boulders. We saw two garter snakes cooling off in a little runoff stream, one wild turkey,Β  a stealthy turtle, and a pile of beautiful little wildflowers all poking up out of the leaf litter. The girls did great on what ended up being a three hour hike and they we’re still awake when we got home, though I don’t think I’d closed the door to their room before they were conked out.

Today they made me breakfast – english muffin with jelly, and played wonderfully together out side until lunch. Currently they are on a plant hunt down the street, Aurelia with small scissors for cutting “samples” and Saebra with the collection basket. It took them 1/2 an hour to to both sides of our end of the street, I wonder how long they’ll survive (get along) on the way down and back from the other end.(it took another 45 minutes and they were in great, sisterly spirits when they got back πŸ™‚ )

Hopefully we’ll have an interesting project to do with what they collect, I’ll let you know.

Yarn caressing continues as well. I’m working on a pair of socks for a classmate and my crochet 1 class begins again on Tuesday at Webs. I only have 2 weeks left to my classes at Umass so they will be a bit crunched with the crochet class added in but I’ll manage πŸ™‚


Turn into something beautiful


I struggle with my kids sometimes.

I’m pretty damned laid back. It takes a literal ton of shit to piss me off, or it used to. Patrick and I were married for almost 6 years before Aurelia was born and in that whole time I don’t think he ever saw me mad. Sure there were times I was angry and frustrated at/with him but never mad, and I use the word mad because it implies a bit of insanity (someday I’ll tell you about the Lobster dinner). So upset that I shake, I snap, I feel like I’m burning inside. I felt like that a lot as a teenager. Hormones? Burgeoning independence? Fear of being out on my own and desperately wanting it at the same time? Who knows. I do know that I had a good 10 year run when I only felt like that once. Not so much since then.

I grapple with my inner “angry Mom” every day, its usually the same fight. Most of the time me and sanity win.

Daddy, I’m sorry. I never understood what you were talking about when you would use that word. I never understood just how much it bothered you. I do now, I bet Eliza does too.

My kids BICKER!

Over everything. Everything. It worms its way into my head and wakes up the “angry Mom”, its hard to put her back to bed, but I’m getting better. I can’t stand between them and tell them to work it out for the rest of their lives and I also can’t keep them locked up in their room with a silence punishment either. Thankfully warmer weather has arrived and I can at least put some distance between me and the ear piercing natterings that are my children’s constant little arguments. It helps. Now they only call for me when they really can’t resolve their problem, and mostly before they have resorted to blows (though this may be helped by Aurelia’s injury and Saebra’s knowledge that making that injury worse would bring a pile of punishment down on her, hmm)

Deep, spring scented breaths. I do truly treasure my alone time each mid-day, it helps me recharge my bicker battery. I’m hoping that the good weather will hold out and my kids and I will survive next week and come out whole on the other side – it’s school vacation. I think we will. Really, this is just a small part of my relationship with the girls, so small but when its closer, more immediate, it seems so much bigger.

I was contemplating all of this yesterday while cleaning up in the kitchen and I found the bit of artwork above. It’s Saebra’s version of forsythia, not a plant we have in out yard. Maybe we should. Maybe next week we’ll plant some yellow flowering bushes together so we can remember that time together each spring when they bloom.


Brown Gold


Ye Gads! The weather this weekend has been beautiful in Western Massachusetts! Warm enough to open up the house. Warm enough to be outside barefoot, for a bit. Warm enough for the smell of moist, fertile earth to fill my senses.

So of course my thoughts turn to the garden. My sister and I ordered our seeds months ago from Botanical Interests and with the final threat of frosts wearing down I’ve gotten my seedlings going. Of course near to half of what I’ll plant this year needs to be started in the actual garden soil but we’ll get there n the next 2 weeks. We’ll have corn, squashes, carrots, onions, radishes, beets, tomatoes and herbs of various sorts. Patrick will be building me a bean teepee next weekend and I look forward to planting my salad greens under it.

The first few plants have started popping up out there – though I’m sure my sister won’t see anything for a bit still, it snowed at her house today. The rhubarb is pushing its strangely brain like leaves up ahead of those lovely bloody red stalks and the bleeding heart is beginning to leaf out.

I’ll keep you up to date as the seedlings grow and move out to the greenhouse (now that we’ve finished up with maple sugaring season the sugarshack becomes my greenhouse), and then to the garden. Happy growing my chickadees!


I keep on fallin…


Aurelia has been experiencing No pain from her broken collar bone. Its been very hard for us, even with her arm in a sling to keep her from running around like a maniac! I don’t think we’ll have to worry anymore.

She fell, face first, in one of the less grassy areas of the yard. Why? Because she was running full-tilt and tripped over a rock.

She scraped up her left palm and wrist, has a bit of a bruise on the right shoulder – yup the one connected to thje broken collar bone – and a wicked little nick above her eye.Β  Scared the shit out of herself. Its hard to realize you’re going face first into the ground and you have no use of the arm that you could throw out to stop yourself because its in a sling, already injured. We have tried and tried to get her to understand that this, and much worse, is possible when she acts crazy.

This time I’m saying it, “I told you so.”


I wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot


This morning was an “other” kind of morning.

The school district I drive in has a late start for High and Middle school students one Thursday every month, it was today for April. That means that instead of leaving my house at 6:20 and picking up my first student at 6:55 I don’t even leave until 7:20. I take care of the Elementary kids first and have a 35 minute wait before I head back out for the bigger kids. Usually I’m home by 9:15 but not till 10:30 today.

So, the “otherness”.

First: its WARM outside, delicious, yummy smelling, happy warm! Oh how I have missed this.

Second: It felt way too late, my kids were awake and lucid – if you’ve ever tried to talk to my kids when they first wake up you’d understand – grunt grunt, squeal, sssssssssquawk, Mamma! And the traffic patterns were all wrong on my way in. Too many cars. Where are all these people coming from!!!

Third: There was this amazing fog over the mountains this morning. (I’m sure those of you near the Rockies or the Alps would laugh heartily at what I call mountains, but there you go) This fog was surrealy thick – the cotton ball that covered the world thick, but the light – Oh! the light in the midst of it!! It was this amazing golden-peach tinged glow. I didn’t want to drive, I just wanted to sit and be absorbed by it. Lovely and wonderful way to start a day πŸ™‚

I was also gifted with eggs again by one of my wonderful kindergarteners. 2 dozen this time and with a twist. There were 4 giant eggs in one carton. Mutant chicken? Nope. Duck, and a delicious one at that πŸ™‚

I’ve got a few small projects I’m fooling with and a few to finish up. Now that I’ve figured out the new Dashboard and pic uploader on WordPress I should be Ok.


Was it overnight, or did it take you long


I need test crocheters!!

(Ok I haven’t completely figured out the new Wordpres format so no pics today – I’ll have to play with it all tomorrow)

All good now – so glad I have a tech savvy hubby πŸ™‚

Could you make one of these for me? I’ll send you the pattern and yarn – your choice of color and the set is yours to keep – or gift away! –Β  when your done, and you let me know if you run into any problems before I publish. First 2 to volunteer πŸ™‚

In other news I’m making socks. Simple toe-ups for a soon to be birthday guy in Valley Yarns Franklin in the, now defunct?, colorway Rainforest. I’ve added a simple 2 stitch cable up the instep, I may add more when I get to the leg. or not. ( I chose not)

Geez. Boys have big feet.