I’m sketching like mad. That’s right, sketching not knitting – I’m done with that for March, don’t worry I’ll be all tucked up in yarn again tomorrow. I have an assignment due on Wednesday morning. Sort of a cinematic thing really. I have to draw a certain space with a specific lighting component and from a distinct viewpoint.  I have 5 choices for each of those elements and I can combine them any way I want, sorry, Prof. Plum isn’t a choice but I suppose I could use a candlestick. Trick is, once I have chosen say, an elevator with  a candle from an angle, I have to convey an emotion or feeling – without the presence of anything living. This is the kind of stuff I like.
Last week we had a very Hitchcockian assignment, draw a staircase with a sense of mystery: This was my attempt.


Can’t you just see Carey Grant rushing through that space and pausing to tighten the belt on his coat before  nimbly descending the stairs while gazing furtively over his shoulder? I can. (it’s this stair from the other side, upstairs)

I’ve also had to do self portraits. These are NOT me but whoever she is, she’s cute.

self-portrait-in-pencil.jpg self-portrait-in-charcoal.jpg



11 thoughts on “Orleans

  1. I recognized the Fine Art Center right away. Great drawing! I’ve never pictured Cary Grant there, but hey–why not?

    Mostly when I see it I hear the sound of skateboards on the concrete and ducks on the campus pond.

  2. or a nameless villan, in a black fedora pulled low so we cannot see his eyes…the ones that always get dusted by the end of the movie.

  3. Your drawings are good. When my teachers asked me to do a self portrait… I would just draw myself from a photo when I was a baby. That kind of ticked them off, they never specified a when. Also, if you really want to get noticed when you have to put your work up along with your classmates, a good trick to get noticed and make an artistic statement would be to hang your work at knee level and in a corner. It helps draw them closer to your work. CHEERS!

  4. I love that I stumbled onto your site and saw this drawing of the FAC at UMass; brings back memories. Thanks. you have a new regular, as I have bookmarked your site (throught Bluepeninsula). Knitter here.thanks again.

  5. Ah! I’m all nostalgic for the FAC now! I moved to the North Shore in April, but I lived in Greenfield for 2.5 years while I was graduating from UMass. I spent many an afternoon chilling at the FAC, feeding the ducks, and walking up and down those stairs. Being a theater major, there was no getting out of it! 😀

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