Cuz this is what I do, at the playground



This is what I did Tuesday night. I mean, I didn’t DO it…ugh.

Aurelia fell out of her bunkbed Tuesday night around midnight and broke her collarbone. I took her down to the ER, they treated her like a queen and we rolled back home around 3. She’s good. She’s got her arm in a sling and has an appointment with an Orthopedist tomorrow morning. She doesn’t have a clean break or a fracture, its something inbetween. We’ll know more tomorrow, meantime she’s hopped up on tylenol with Codeine and no, it does not make her sleepy, it makes her giddy. Great at bedtime 😛

(that isn’t her x-ray up there but it’s very close to what hers looked like – its the same kind of break.)


We went to the library book sale today as kind of a treat for my poor broken one and for her sister that feels left behind by all the attention the broken one is getting. We got a pile of books for under $20, and it was all their own money and their own book choices – I steered but they chose. Before we went I told them that they were not to choose anything based on a movie or cartoon they had seen. We have so many versions of Disney princess stories that I just didn’t want to add to that pile. They did GOOD, I’m looking forward to reading most of them. My only concession was Fraggles, who can resist Fraggles.

Ah, last clue time. One of the following will be finished by midnight on the 31st and one most definitely will not be. Feel free to revise your guesses.



I’m off to watch Becoming Jane, and knit of course.



5 thoughts on “Cuz this is what I do, at the playground

  1. Wow, sorry about the broken collar bone! Did she land on her shoulder? I’ve started to let my Daughter sleep in a bunk at my parent’s Lake house… she’s almost 6 and so far there haven’t been any falls…

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