Who would’ve thought that a boy like me could come to this


I. Me. Sara, has dyed yarn. And to good effect. *sigh* happiness


I have those Twilight socks sitting on the burner and in order to make them what I really want them to be I needed to do this because the colors I need don’t exist in any company’s line of sock yarns. I know, I looked.

I popped in to Webs on Saturday to pick up yarn and luckily ran into Gail – the “Kangaroo Dyer” responsible for all of Webs in-house, beautiful hand-dyed yarns, the Franklin, the fun stuff she did with the Belle and the Berkshire, the Alpaca. She’s a genius. We got to talking and I mentioned that I was going to experiment with Kool-aid and she suggested food coloring.

Oh chickadees, I have food coloring! I do the cake thing, remember!?!

Gail steered me to an article on Knitty and I dove right in. I can see how this becomes an addiction, easily. Aurelia saw how much fun I was having and said I should do this a lot more. My this-will-ease-Patrick’s-mind response was, “Mama already has enough of our money invested in crafts, honey. Maybe when I use up a bit more of what I have I’ll do some more of this.” She shrugged and headed off to read her latest copy of Katie Kazoo.

yarn-to-be-dyed.jpg  dye-pot.jpg wilton-yarn-dye.jpg

I skeined off some small amounts of yarn, 20 yds each, and dropped then into a pot containing one gallon of water plus 3/4 cups white vinegar that was just below simmering. I then mixed my food coloring into 1 cup of, just off the boil, water. I add this stuff to frosting by the toothpick dip so I was a bit cautious at first and figured I could always add more dye. the first color infusion was just a bit of orange, I got what I wanted and took one skein out to drip dry a bit. I wanted graduated colors, sort of so I figured layers of dye would keep the colors related. The second infusion was the same amount of orange and a touch of black, third was equal parts of both colors and the last was just black.

mini-skein-1.jpg   3-to-go.jpg 2-to-go-mi-dye-bath.jpg

Now, I didn’t leave the skeins in until all the dye was absorbed, I checked on them every minute or so and pulled each skein when it reached a color I liked. then I tossed what was left of the original undyed skein into the pot just to see what would happen while I heat set the four mini skeins.

heat-setting-in-the-microwave.jpg  out-to-dry.jpg this-is-what-you-do-with-the-remaining-dye-bath.jpg

I’m stoopid with happy over what came out. And good news for you! The pewter yarn- just under 100yds of fine-sport/sock weight yarn is now part of the Blogiversary prize pack!! WHEE ! So get your guesses in, only 7 days left. Your last clue is on Wednesday.





4 thoughts on “Who would’ve thought that a boy like me could come to this

  1. Hey There,
    What a great job you did!! I think the food coloring is better to work with because you don’t have to smell the kool aid! It’s a great way to build your confidence. Thanks for the kind words, too. Gail

  2. I’ve tried the koolaid and I liked the results. I also like the idea of using food coloring. May have to try that in the future. Your colors came out so well!

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