Boots with the fur…


I have been bad, but good too.

I was distracted by making jewelry for Annie’s birthday – forgot to take pics. She and David have a great new house and we were delighted to spend Saturday there with them and lots of other friends. At one point Annie broke out the Play-doh and all 10 kids sat, quietly absorbed for the next half hour, at least. 🙂


I knitted this – not on the list. I’m also working diligently on one that IS on the list and at least one list item is officially done.


We celebrated St. Patricks day with green milk at dinner – Yankee Pot Roast – and Shamrock shakes for dessert. Sweet, green, minty, ice creamy goodness.


Want to update you guesses? Feel free.

Tomorrow I have some distracting embroidery and a cake to decorate for my nephew’s 9th birthday then back to work with yarn.

(My kids came home singing this song – not the words, just the tune – and now my husband can’t get it out of his head and he’s driving me crazy with it)



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