I watched the stars as they turned to grey…



I thought of this song because I heard my first morning dove of the year today.  I saw my first Canada goose on Friday and we’re boiling maple sap like mad around here so I guess its safe to admit that Spring is moving in. She’s still got of bunch of boxes of stuff in storage and she wants to paint the place before she hangs anything up or decides on curtains but I think she’ll be settled in soon.


(The pics above are from one of my favorite sets of pictures of my Sabie. I made the little top she’s wearing from an old curtain I got at the Goodwill, I made Aurelia pants from the same fabric that year – called them my Sound of Music kids. Mom framed these up for my birthday this year – look at that face.)

Speaking of maple…Dudes! this shiat is sweeeeeet! Our first batches are coming out so dark! 4 gallons so far and that’s just from our first week, we only made 5 gallons all season last year. Want some? Drop me an e-mail: ChickenBetty at Gmail dot com, $9 per pint. We shipped amber goodness to Salem, Ma., North Carolina and California last year, we can get it to you fast.

We also had friends stop by yesterday to check out our whole sugar-shack set up.  The girls had headed off earlier in the day for a fairy hunt with April and her brood and were having such an awesome time that they totally missed Annie, David and their boys’ visit. No prob, this we’ll do again!

So, shall I give you a clue? towards the contest? You brave few souls who have already tossed in your ideas may feel free to amend them anytime between now and 3/31.

I have fallen off the ‘finish what you have already started” wagon. Phhhhhbbbbt. ;P

odette-gauntlets-up-close.jpg odette-gauntlettes-back.jpg odette-gauntletts-on.jpg

These are in the shop and this may become a sweater design, or two.




4 thoughts on “I watched the stars as they turned to grey…

  1. Aww, what a cutie Sabera is.

    We went to Ioka Valley Farm this past Sat morning for pancakes & maple syrup. Checked out their boiling operation. WOW. Reverse osmosis, pre-heaters, computer controlled draw-off, and an oil fed burner that pumps through 22 gal of oil per hour! WOW is right. Their syrup is selling in the $10 / pint range and the lady said that it has been coming out very light.

    There is a picture up in their sugar shack of the guy’s first boiling operation. It makes Pat’s shack look high tech. You have to start somewhere.

    Please put us down for 2 pints.

  2. etsy. i still have not done this. there are many who say I should.

    syrup. I love it dark.

    that child looks like you.

  3. I love the picture of your daughter! I have similar ones of my daughter out in the grass when she was a baby. They are some of my favorites. I was just watching The Sound of Music the other day, and dying to find something like those curtains to make some clothes out of! I think my husband would have me committed though if I did!

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