he’s venus as a boy



Yep, that’s a graph.


I love these stupid books, I blew through 2 and 3 this weekend. They are filming the movie for book one as we speak and it is contracted as a franchise! (that means that unless the movie fails like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge we’ll see the sequels) I decided I was going to need a little bit of Twilight to wear when I go to see the movie in December, so I’m working on socks. I am purposefully knitting a sock I will never wear so I can work out all the little details before I knit up the real deal in good yarn, and yes, I will make the pattern available when it’s finished and tested. (that picture up there is from about 10 this morning, I’m almost done with the chart I made and just have the ribbing to go)


I also finished my new scarf, yum, yumm, yummy. Silk, rayon, nylon, linen blend –  so warm. yay me.



3 thoughts on “he’s venus as a boy

  1. Your blog has all of these crazy pop up picture thingys! I’m trying to eat my salad and cursor around on my touch pad (which just sounds plain naughty) on the laptop and I’m flying all over the place and uh, there’s a pop up, lemme try again, uh no, pop up! Long story short, your scarf and your drawing are lurvely.

  2. OH YES! I knew a Twilight movie was in the making but I didn’t know it was this far along. WAHOO!!! I love the books too. Book 1 is my fave.

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