So, I go at a maddening pace…


Well, maybe being more honest, its not that I haven’t felt a desire to blog or been too slammed with school…I’ve been reading. Sometimes I disappear into books. I haven’t done it much since the girls were born – its just not feasible for me to sit in bed reading for 8 hours with toddlers in the house – but now they’re pretty good at entertaining themselves. They’ll curl up under the electric blanket and read their own books with me.

I am not a big fan of single volume stories. I need, crave, epic storylines. I’m sure that vast and convoluted character developments and 6-7 pages descriptions of single room would drive most people mad, “Just get to the action, already!!”, but I love it. I was probably spoiled the minute Dad gave me his boxed set of The Lord of the Rings – paperback from 1965) when I was 12. I read The Two Towers in 13 hours (mostly because I couldn’t put it down and by the time I got to Shelob’s lair I couldn’t go to sleep and started The Return of the King). I read super fast and I need that stuff to slow down the pace of the story so I can really enjoy it.

With last week being school vacation and the girls having playdates and two super snowy stormy days thrown in the mix I had LOTS of time to read. I tend toward Sci-fi and Fantasy – also probably Dad’s fault – I remember seeing The Empire Strikes back in the theater, I was 5, he was 27. Anyway, I was in the middle of several different series – I do that too, read more than one book at a time.

First I finished the second trilogy Wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon by reading the last two books, Warrior and Warlord. I read the first trilogy, The Hythrun Chronicles – Medalon, Treason Keep and Harshini in January. Good quick fluffy reads. I already know what happens to the main character because he features prominently in the second two books from the first trilogy but it was enjoyable – swashbuckling, romantically chivalrous cliche cliche cliche (not her writing – me). I liked it.

Then I read the second book in the new series by Tad Williams, Shadowplay. I love Tad’s stuff. My auntie Tam gave me her copy of Tailchaser’s Song when I was 13 and I’ve been hooked since. The thing with his books is they are REALLY hard to start, for some people. He gives lots of back story and set up and detail, detail, detail. He also has a thing for caves and being underground – there are loooong stretches of folks being stuck in the earth in almost everything he’s written – with the exception of War of the Flowers, I don’t remember one in there, unless stuck in a collapsed building counts. His Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series is one of my alltime favorites but I have to tell people to just keep reading until Simon gets out of the tunnels – sounds easier than it is, but the story really explodes after that. Hmmm, Tad also seems to have a thing for one-handed and crippled main characters, hmmm. Yeah, so Shadowmarch was the first book in the new series and was originally written as a script for a television show – woulda been cool. I already love the Guard Captain, Ferras Vansen – sorta did by the end of his first chapter, poor love-lorn fool. Sadly, I will have to wait at least another year for the next book since this one just came out. Its Ok though, I’ve been reading The Wheel of Time series since I was 16 (12 books, multiple short stories, a prequel and its still not over).

Finally, on Monday I read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It is a teen book so it was easier and faster to read than the others but I melted through that baby like a hot knife through butter! Whooo. I already have the second and third books on order ( all through the library) and I can’t wait for the fourth book due at the end of the summer. Vampires, werewolves and teenagers, Yay! They have a movie version in the works with this guy cast as Edward, I would have gone with this dude but I ‘ll still go see it.  (Man I totally forget how raging and obsessive teeneage hormones can be and I didn’t have all these crazy technologies. Edward, the ficticious main character,  has a Myspace page and there are at least 50 fan films on youtube where kids have cast the books/movie to their liking and I’m not the only one who thought my dude would have made a good Edward)

Right now I’m reading Scandal of the Season, only one chapter in, s’ok

More crafties soon



5 thoughts on “So, I go at a maddening pace…

  1. *sigh* I miss reading. I haven’t touched many books since I became so engrossed with knitting. That, and I swore off fiction for a while. It was Fall On Your Knees by Anne Marie MacDonald that did it. Don’t even get me started. I’ll live vicariously through your reading adventures for the time being.

  2. HMPH! BOOKS? Do you mean the things with pages my kids are always trying to scribble on with crayons? I did just finish a good read given to me by, well, my gosh, I believe it was you?! Ha, anyway, I never thought a zombie book could be such fun and so intriguing. So much fiction peppered with fact, geography, and pure speculation on our country and world in crisis. YIKES! I may find time for another book in oh, say, three years?

  3. It’s fun to hear what you love to read. I am a total reader…forget what else is happening..let me neglect my children way back when (not really)..but I’d rather have my nose in a book than almost anything else. I don’t read science fiction and in the last few months I had to read Harry P..I just couldn’t be the only one on the planet not to read those books. They did grow on me and I did end up feeling love and affection for all (well, not all) of the characters. I am glad I did read them and may do it again.
    My favorite last book is called Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles. The writing and “poetry” in her words just was perfect and moved me so.
    Happy weekend to you!

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