I love it when you call me Big Poppa…


My friend Erin, AKA Sparkles, had her big family baby shower this past Saturday so I can show you what my friend April and I made for her – since she missed the surprise shower we threw for her 🙂



First is the blanket from April. She found this awesome fabric. That frog is So rockin the chronic. Somehow we went from laughing at the frog who looked like he was high and chillin to trying to figure out who he looked like and strangely landed on Jake Gyllenhall. So, Its the Jake Gyllenfrog blanket. heee heee heee



I whipped up a couple reversible bibs – she’s not finding out the sex of the baby until it arrives – and a little extra something for the expectant mamma.



I’m also working on a scarf for me, maybe, with this awesome yarn from Berroco called Seduce – I’m calling the scarf “Sensual Seduction” and now you will know why!

I love it! love it! love it! beyond ridiculousness – The KEY-TAR!!!!

I haven’t felt mush much blogging desire the last week or so, it’ll take me awhile to settle into the new schedule with school and get back to making and talking – hang in chickadees.



3 thoughts on “I love it when you call me Big Poppa…

  1. First; laughed out loud, hard, at the rockin’ the chronic comment. Especially in the context of a baby blanket.
    Second; WTF is up with that video???! Holy crap.
    Third; Lovely jewelry.

    Will wait patiently for more Chicken Betty content. Always look forward to it, whenever you decide to post!

  2. HA, snoop is a PIMP! Whenever you mention April in your blogs, I’m always, “wha,whoa, where, when, was I there?” Then I remember the other big breasted vixen you hang wit…

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