I just want to feel deep in my own world…



When we went to see Spiderwick we saw a previews for a few upcoming movies. One was the new Indiana Jones epic. I So want to like this, the first three are lifelong favorites, albeit for totally different reasons, and it has Shia. * Patrick and his fellow employees were encouraged a few months back to come up with/suggest some new drink ideas in cafe to increase sales, he came up with the Chai-a LeBouf*

Anyway, I’m not sure from the preview if I’ll have the courage to watch it. Harrison looks physically fit but his face looks too old and…doughy, like they had to put way too much make-up on him. It makes me wonder where the stories would have gone if River hadn’t died. I remember watching the weekly Young Indiana series when I was a teen and being totally wrapped up in it. I’m not sure if it was the constant adventure, the mystery solving or imagining myself as the pretty girl that would inevitably be kissed each week.

We also saw the preview for Penelope. I lurve Christina Ricci and I really want to go see this one. Besides, I want her scarf, so I started making a quick ole crochet version. Maybe I’ll post a pattern 🙂



P.S.  that thing I said about my husband, you know, the A word. I said it with a smile. Truth is we never watch anything without tearing it to shreds, ask anybody who knows us, and what he said made me bust out laughing. We had even spent the earlier part of the movie making fun of the Rohirrim men for not wanting women to fight with them. We had this whole extra storyline going with Theodin ordering all the able-bodied goats to take up arms, cuz women with swords would just look silly.


2 thoughts on “I just want to feel deep in my own world…

  1. Did you ever post the Penelope pattern? I’d love to have it! 🙂 love that movie and I only crochet. All of her scarf patterns are knit. Thanks!

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