The last march of the Ents


Fine. Okay. Whatever.

I happen to think that this actor, Karl Urban, is an attractive man. Done. Said.


See, pretty good lookin, huh? So we’re watching LOTR :TTT tonight and in the final battle scene at Helms Deep when, as promised, Gandalf shows up at dawn on the fifth day who does he have with him? Karl Urban, in his role as Eomer. I’m not really paying attention because I’m crocheting and plotting new projects and… hell, I’m just distracted Ok.

And then I, because I am a silly girl, look up at the screen, see what is going on and say, “Oh, Karl Urban.”

My husband smirks and says in a very Dudley Do-Rightish voice, “Yes, Karl Urban and his buttery good looks are here to save the day.”



4 thoughts on “The last march of the Ents

  1. Nell here…
    A comment on being married to Dudley. We can’t just drive around town anymore. He’s always on the lookout, and constantly commenting on traffic violations or suspicious vehicles or individuals. We once went for what I thought was a nice stroll through the park one evening, wherein he pulled out his cellphone to report a bunch of kids hanging out in a parking lot. Fun. That and he’s always yelling, “I AM ABOVE THE LAW!” Uh…yeah.

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