I’m searching the dial while I’m scanning the sky for a patch of blue


I’m not sure when the last time was that I “did” Valentine’s Day. Patrick and I aren’t big on celebrating this kind of holiday – heck we’re not that big on our own birthdays or anniversary, but the girls are just SO excited. I think they got to me, a little.


Maybe it was the cards they made for me, or the snow day we spent together yesterday snuggling and reading. Maybe it was their ecstatic surprise at the cards they got from Nana, Grammie B and the package from Aunt Gayle and Uncle Caboose (quit grinning, there’s an Uncle Bus, too)

pink-cake-mix.jpg red-cake-mix.jpg red-heart-cake.jpg

So I decided that this would be the year we did a little something special to celebrate how much we love our family, or I would anyway.

red-heart-cake-cooked.jpg white-coconut-cake.jpg red-velvet-heart.jpg

Its remarkable how much 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder can affect how red this cake is.

E-mail me if you want recipe. ChickenBetty *at* Gmail *dot* com




2 thoughts on “I’m searching the dial while I’m scanning the sky for a patch of blue

  1. Man, that looks really good. And that’s really saying something, cuz I’ve still got the flu and every other thought about food makes me queasy. I may just email you. The constable got me a nice card and promised me dinner, and I didn’t get him anything. He likes cake.

  2. Hi!
    I’m a producer for a public radio show,
    and I’m contacting you because we might be interested in using one of the photographs of your cake on our website. Please email me, and I’ll tell you more about the show and the context in which we’d like to use the photo.

    Jonathan Mitchell

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