They spun a web for me…


Gah!! Yegads!! Holy Camoley! I’m just too excited!!!(and welcome to link central)

On Friday night the girls and I are going to an exclusive movie premiere and I can’t believe I never told any of you anything about this!!

First: we are seeing this

Why? Because *Gasp* I know Tony and Holly. Tee Hee. I know, its awesome.

To be totally honest I would say we are friendly acquantances and I am thrilled that they thought of me when putting together the premiere invite list, I didn’t think I was that high on their roster πŸ™‚ I’m literally pancaked with flattery.
Tony and his wife Angela are some of the sweetest, coolest people I have ever had the privilege to meet and work with. Back when I worked for the local B&N I was in charge of all the community stuff, arranging school partnerships, field trips and working with local authors. What a boon, then, to live in the Happy Valley where you can find Tony, Holly, Jane, Hollie, Diane, Jarrett, Scott , Jane, Heidi and more amazing authors and illustrators I’m sure I just haven’t had the marvelous luck to meet. Plus we’ve got the Eric Carle Museum, WOOT! ( I got to meet him and Norton Juster, Jeanne Birdsall, and Chris Raschka all in the same week a couple years back, gush gush gush) I also got to work with Tony and Angela, Jarrett, Timothy Basil Ering and the wacky Jon Scieska at the second annual Amherst Reads book festival(yes, thats me mentioned in the 4th paragraph). It was such a hoot and I’ll get to see some of them again this weekend.

So, GO see this film, it is a dream come true for some awesome people. And go check out the books, from everybody, great kids books, award winners some of em and good teen reads too, just good stuff.

And yes, Sarah, I do still think that JJK is the cutest boy! πŸ™‚



One thought on “They spun a web for me…

  1. LUCKY!!! Nova and I are going this weekend. It’s gonna rock. This is also the first book or movie that’s made me want to collect EVERY happy meal toy! We just finished the first book in their new series and, of course, can’t wait for the next. You girls have fun at the premiere…

    Many Squeezes.

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