Love is a story told to our friends, its second-hand


So much doin’

I don’t have time to write much today, I have drawing class homework/sketches to catch up on.


I’ve made a bunch of hats for a friend to have in her new store – more on that later in the month


Friends and I had a super secret surprise baby shower for another friend on Saturday and at the last minute the poor pregnant girl had a family emergency(little brother appendectomy 😦 ) So me and the other two ladies drank the afternoon away. I had made ribs, babyback, and cupcakes and we had fresh veggies and fruit and yummy dip and 8 hours later I headed home. Best baby shower ever! HA!! I’ll have to hold off showing you the pics until the family shower later in the month – HA ha Erin, no peeksies 🙂

cupcakes-for-erin.jpg ribs-for-erin.jpg

We also had a birthday dinner for my Mil last night. I whipped up a cake, chili and cornbread, and some wrist bling for her. My Bil and Sil brought their super yummy mango salsa and blue corn chips and we settled in for an evening of family goodness.

snowy-rte-9-on-feb-10.jpgyellow-jaeger-bracelet-for-lois-8.jpgI’m sure there’s more but I also need to go get dinner started for Pat and the kids before I head back to work, I just won’t have time later.

Hey, anybody interested in Maple Syrup? Fresh homemade, totally hands-on (and I mean that in a non-gross, local hero kinda way) REAL maple syrup? We’re about to start tapping and we’re trying to get an idea for demand. You can pre-order. Pre-season pints will cost you$8, but after we start boiling they’ll be $9. Just let me know and I’ll send you over to Paypal. Last year we ended up with, and I’m sorta guessing here, about50 or so pints and my MIL already want 16 from this years batch.



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