Say what you need to say…


I miss having Netflix.

As part of our “pay-down-the-debt” year we canceled our subscription. Yeah it was great for having a movie or two that the kids could watch endlessly with no due-back deadline but really, for me, it was about the foreign films.

I get tired of listening to American English. I love the rhythms and phonetic quirks of other languages and dialects, don’t get me started about listening to Scotsmen! I like the slight lisp that seems to live buried in Spanish and Portuguese. I love the broken staccato edges of Slavic languages, the mumbled sine wave that is French, the crisp preciseness of German and the wide swing from quiet shush to caterwauling in Asian languages.

I know that I can “order” books from the library, they get borrowed from another library in the area and shipped over for me to read. I wonder if I can order movies, too? I would like to see this and this and this. Maybe I need to revisit this one, my all time favorite. Do you have a favorite foreign film?

I have my drawing class tonight – I’ll try to take some pics.



5 thoughts on “Say what you need to say…

  1. currently, thanks to Dena, the German Lives of Others. Prior would be Gerard Depardieu’s Cyrano, which I listen to endlessly while knitting. It’s lyric, poetic and I adore it.

  2. Seraphin: Heart of Stone. It’s a French Canadian film, which really, even in the rest of Canada, counts as a foreign film, and sadly, one of the few French Canadian films I have seen, despite being quite a robust industry in it’s own right. Sweeping historical/period romance. Beautiful scenery. Also, if you count Canadian film in general as foreign, then might I recommend the following;
    Men With Brooms (comedy, fairly recent…it’s about curling…how much more Canadian can you get)
    Marion Bridge (drama…also fairly recent…east coast accents!)
    Nights Below Station Street (drama…70’s…more east coast accents!)

    Guess that’s it.

  3. It must be my age, but more and more, I just do not watch movies, and definitely not t.v.
    There are movies I will pursue…but often as not, if I am not “doing” then I am reading.
    OH, dear…what an old bag I am.

  4. Massachusetts has an inter-library loaning system throughout the state. You can ask your librarians about borrowing from another library in the state if they don’t have the movies you want. Check out if your local library participates. (I’m almost positive they would.)

    Sounds like you appreciate languages much the way I do. 🙂

    [and ellen kelley, I do love movies a lot, but if you ask anyone who knows me or works with me, I’m always the girl with her nose in a book. always have been, always will be. doesn’t make us old bags in my opinion, not ever. enjoy your reading, because you can go farther and get richer details with your imagination and a book than by observing a movie.]

    love, Kate

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