In the bleak midwinter…



Once they came on a maple in a glade,
Standing alone with smooth arms lifted up,
And every leaf of foliage she’d worn
Laid scarlet and pale pink about her feet.

This is from Maple by Robert Frost

My post today is in honor of the Feast of Brigid and the 3rd Annual Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading. I was so amazed by everything that I read last year that I wanted to be a part of it this year. This poem has always been special to me. I have a fascination with old New England, I live in awe of Edith Wharton and still am in love with Ethan Frome.

This poem also made me deeply thoughtful about the names I gave my children and I can honestly say that, so far, I am truly amazed by how well the names and children fit each other.

Be warm in heart and home today my friends.



One thought on “In the bleak midwinter…

  1. i am going to cheat. i am going to backdate a post. i totally would have posted yesterday if I had known. damn vacation anyway.

    love frost.

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