You drive down to the lake, then you turn back around…


Its the little things, really.


We had a great time on Saturday with Debbie and Jon – we’ll do it again fer sure. ( thanks for the little goodies! Pat likes to use his as an excuse for improper behavior – read to the bottom)


Sunday went swimmingly, too. We spent the afternoon at my youngest bil’s place and Kate and I got to knit for a couple hours. I got her started on her first pair of socks – Jaywalkers! She’s So excited, YAY! We’ll have to do that again too even if I do have to walk up all those stairs – sheesh.


I’ve been working away like mad to get some things done for Aurelia’s birthday. She has two parties this weekend, friends on Saturday and family on Sunday. She’ll be officially 7 next Tuesday at 6:38am. Oh, yeah I remember exactly what that clock said when the pain ended 🙂


So I’m sewing up an outfit for her and a matching one for her American Girl doll – little plaid skirts and blue jackets, matching jammies – Saebra will have a set too – and maybe by Tuesday I’ll have the girl and her doll a pair of matching socks, we’ll see.


I’m also working on a pinwheel sweater for her but she knows about it and I’m on NO deadline for it.


I also got a nice little fabric boost this weekend. My Mom works at an assisted living home as the…well, the cruise director. She can be very entertaining. Anyhoo, she found a couple quarter yards of vintage waverly fabric and thought of me. I lurve my Mom.


Not much more time for blogging this week. Lots of sewing and knitting to get done. Hopefully I’ll pop in on Sunday night with birthday pics. Have a great week my little chickadees!



2 thoughts on “You drive down to the lake, then you turn back around…

  1. I love reading your blog.
    I went into WEBS the other day and asked for you because I didn’t know you stopped working there. It has been a while since I bought yarn and stuff. Except we did buy a house in Pelham and we move on Friday. After the dust settles I would love to get together and craft since I can’t visit you at the store. Talk to you soon. Hope all is well.
    Peace and Yarn,

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