My brother kicked his feet to sleep…

Ok. I can’t give away any details because I have submitted this for publication. I submitted it to Webs, I used their lovely Berkshire yarn, so we’ll see if they pick it up. If not then I’ll offer it to you here. Based on the pattern from my Peruvia mitts, that I wear ALL the time, I present:

Rosehips in Winter






4 thoughts on “My brother kicked his feet to sleep…

  1. Hey there! I sent you an email, but don’t know if you got it. The gist of it was that I must nail down the Mass Sheep and Woolcraft Fair workshops by Sunday! So Shawn can get the brochure done before lambing begins. Do you want to teach something knitty this year? Just some ideas: increase/decrease, cast-ons, how to follow a pattern, turning a sock heel, kitchner (sp?) stitch, 2-color knitting…… or something else of your liking. Something hands on-y is best, you have an hour to work with. Hey, we could also offer a Drop-in knitting kind of thing…I just thought of that….
    Do let me know what you think.
    btw: the fingerless gloves are fab! and the cake looks very nice too!!!

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  3. Have you submitted this design to the military? I think they’d be a hit with the snipers. With the way the Administration is throwing money at contractors …. well, it’s a thought.

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