Car horns, corners and the gritty…


I can’t believe January is already 1/3 over!

I designed Aurelia’s birthday invites today with a great little drawing she did last weekend. We had fourth Xmas with my Dad, Step-Mom, Debbie, and her Mom, Donna, last Saturday. When the girls were babies I asked Deb if she thought her Mom and Dad would be comfortable with my girls considering them grandparents since Dad and Deb aren’t ever having kids and who knows if either of her brothers ever will. So Grandma and Grandpa B were added into the family mix. I’m really glad I did that both for my kids and for Donna. Charlie passed away last year, they got to know him as part of their family and we have been lucky to see much more of Donna out this way since, besides, who doesn’t love a big family!?!

Anyway, Donna got Aurelia a spirograph and the kid sat transfixed for over an hour making all sorts of colorful circles and then turning those into animals and bugs – thats imagination for ya. (Saeb was just as delighted with her “flatscreen” lite-brite!) I used to just see how many different colors I could use till the whole thing turned brown. Somehwere in there she made this little ladybug with 7 dots. 7! She turns 7 this month, I thought it was just perfect. I’ll show them to her tonight and see what she thinks.


Today I am also ironing yards of flannel to make more cozy nightgowns. I got these two prints at Joanne’s for a buck a yard the week after Christmas! The girls picked them out, brown for Saeb and pink for Re. I’ll see how much yardage I have after the pieces are cut but I should have enough to make matching nighties for their American Girl dolls.


Finally a pic of this awesome sock kit that I won from Stitchy from way back in the fall playing Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo. I probably won’t get around to making them till this summer but They’ll be cool when I do!! hee hee. beer socks hee.



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