A golden bird that flies away, a candle’s fickle flame…

The holidays are done, man.


I’m exhausted. 4 family christmas celebrations is a LOT. Besides, we were all sick a different points in that week between. Saeb came down with a stomach bug, that let her keep nothing down, on Christmas eve, by Wednesday she was better tummy wise but had developed a wicked crusty eye infection – yuck! That night Pat got the tummy bug and stayed out of work for 2 days. Re had it on Friday night and I had chills aches and fever on Sunday. I thought I had gotten away without the tummy nasties until my lunch removed itself on first day back to school and I spend most of the rest of that day and Thursday shivering and aching.


Thankfully we all seem to be right as rain at the moment and my crafting pace has picked back up. I only have 2 weeks or so before I go back to school so I’m trying to make my unscheduled mid-days as productive as possible. I have finally finished the pattern for the layette set that I’m teaching in March and sent it off to the store for review. I really hope I get enough people signed up so I can teach it, it’ll be So much fun. I have some more bags planned as well as bunches of AG clothes to make for Re for her birthday. I might even make them a matching outfit or two!


For now here are pics of the layette set. I’m hoping to get back into blogging mode now that I’m healthy again. Be cool my babies!




2 thoughts on “A golden bird that flies away, a candle’s fickle flame…

  1. The layette set pic isn’t working for me…I’m anxious to see it. Maybe it’ll work tomorrow. Took me a minute to get the title too…a minute too long if you ask me. Nice to see you back…I’ve been missing your posts!

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