Start walking baby, walk all over town…


I can’t believe how fast December flew by. I had grand plans for about 14 more posts than you ever got to see. S’alright, you’ll live without a photo of every holiday decoration that I own, it leaves me blog fodder for years to come 🙂

The holidays are almost over for us. We have fourth Christmas this weekend with my Dad’s side of the family. (Merri, do you think he knows about second breakfast, elevenses?) The girls raked it in as usual, various Barbi dolls, coloring books galore (I bought these two and they are my favorite!), American Girl Dolls that match each girl and they have jammies that match their dolls as well, jewelry, books, art supplies you could bury me under, Webkins, and more other things that I can’t even recall at this point and they love it all. They’ve been very good this year about putting their stuff away and being careful with it all, something Pat and I are both rather surprised by. Their big gifts from us were hits. Aurelia got a mini sewing machine and has already whipped up a little purse for her Grandma and has a few other projects planned out. Saebra got a Disney Princess Project and Draw desk, my house is now littered with princess cameos.

I could show you tons of pictures of various holiday gift projects but if you want to see all that you can bounce over to Flickr or Ravelry. I can show you what we did today, iron-on, rhinestone embellishments, awsome little Xmas gift to the girls from Pat’s parents! Aurelia wanted a stick figure (I’m calling him the sparkling man) and Saeb wanted a flower.

res-rhinestones.jpg saebs-rhinestones.jpg

I start back to work tomorrow. I’ve missed driving and the early mornings, I don’t seem to get as much done on the days when I sleep till 9, huhn. I don’t really have any resolutions for the new year, maybe getting more crafting done and actually selling at a few craft fairs in the fall, we’ll see. Pat has resolved to have the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned each day. I’m interested to see how he’s going to get me to “buy into” that one 🙂

Happy New Year my little chickadees! Find your happinesses 🙂



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