So weak and powerless, over you…

Ready for a mega pic post?

It was a mostly handmade Christmas and we still have 2 more Christmasy days to go, this Saturday with my husband’s side of the family and next Saturday with my Dad’s. So far, this holiday season’s run of gifts, at least for the women in my family, has been brought to you by the wondrous miracle that is bias tape

Behold the glory…
For my cousins Katie, Jen and Brit

For my Mom and sister
For my friends April and Sarah
And super cozy flannel nightgowns for my girls
The bias tape tote pattern can be found here – SO easy!, and the wallet pattern is here. Most of the fabric came from my immense stash, the flannel I actually bought when I was pregnant for Saebra with the idea that someday I would make nightgowns from it. Only took my 5 ½ years 🙂 I also got some knitting done.Hat and scarf for Mom, mistake rib stitch on the backside with adorable button flower pins on the hat and scarf.
A neck warmer for my future step-dad, Dan, crocheted.
There is more but I’m not a big fan of spoilers do until the gifts are given…no pics. Hope you all had wonderful holiday experiences this year, we have so far and I’ll try to write about them soon.



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