And since we’ve no place to go…

Yesterday was the girls’ annual cookie day with Pat’s Mom. She picked them up around 9:30 and we lazed around a bit before heading out to shovel the last of Thursdays storm away before today’s storm moved in. Our neighbor, who only speaks French, showed up with his snowblower to help us out. Merci Beaucoup!(?)


Eventually we were able to sort through the girl holiday gifts and get them all wrapped – ah done. Their stocking goodies – they know that this is from Mom and Dad – don’t get wrapped. My Mom used to take so much time and effort wrapping all the teeny tiny little things that went into our stockings and my sister and I would make such a holy mass with them that I decided I wouldn’t bother with that step. The girls like digging through the Hershey’s kisses to find all the little gifts hiding in their stockings, so its all good.


We headed over to Pat’s parents house for 4, his middle brother Kevin and my sil Jamie we’re there with their kids, the dogs, Jasper and Mia and we headed out to walk around town and enjoy “Light up the Holidays 2007”. They never had this when we were kids, this is the town we grew up in, and I would have loved it. It wasn’t too cold and there was no wind so we bundled the kids up in their snow pants and away we went walking up and down town. They got balloon animals, Saeb got her face painted and we stopped at a bunch of places and enjoyed cookies, snacks, hot cider and cocoa and the kids got to see Santa, twice. My Mil took them over for a photo op earlier in the day during the cookie frenzy and when we saw him again during our walk around he remembered what they had asked him for! That’s a Santa with a good memory! (As soon as Mom sends me copies of the Santa Pics I’ll add them)



When went back to the In-law’s place where the youngest brother, Shaun and his lady Kate met us and we hung out for a great family evening, heading home around 10.


Today its all about the tree. I’m about to go haul all the holiday decorations out of the attic in the garage and slather it all over my house. I’ll try for pics tomorrow.




3 thoughts on “And since we’ve no place to go…

  1. What fun for all of you and what wonderful memories for your girls. I would love to see what it is like up in your “country” with the snow etc.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! I know it will be great.

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