At first just the rustle of canvas…

So much stuff doin’
Work on my swap ornaments is nearing its finish – I’ll try for pics later this week.
I have finally started a hat for Aurelia that matches her winter coat and speaking of, winter seems to have finally arrived here in New England. Our first snowday began with a call from my boss this morning at 5:30 to say that school was closed – Yay for 3+ extra hours of sleep 🙂  The girls spent a majority of the day outside, sledding, skating and snowboarding. – with multiple quick breaks to sip hot cocoa and thaw out.
green-ual-with-pink-beads.jpg who-wants-to-go-outside.jpg
I have been listening to this non-stop for the last week, takes me right back to spring break my freshman year at Hofstra during my Sting obsession– ah memories.


The interview that I did with Carina is up – go check it out as well as the other interviews in the series, some great crafters and artists over there to discover. Oh and I have a bunch of earrings that my sister made up in my Etsy shop.



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